55 Highly Effective
Breakthrough Coaching Questions

  (This isn't just a list! You'll discover how & when to use each question for maximum impact.

When you ask your clients the right questions,
in the right moment,
so much more is possible for them 

The most effective coaches

know how to craft powerful, transformational questions.

One excellent question can plant the seeds for big change to come.

It can help your client get clarity in an instant.

(Breakthrough questions really are pretty magical!)

Yet, knowing the right question to ask isn't always an easy task.

Each and every word counts .
The content direction you choose counts. 

It can be hard to craft the most appropriate question in the moment.

Sometimes that's because we aren't familiar with the motivations behind certain questions.

Other times that's because we've just gotten in a rut by asking the same questions over and over again.

To help you co-create more change & results with your clients, I created this Breakthrough Questions Cheat Sheet for you!

In this FREE

Breakthrough Questions
Cheat Sheet

 you’ll have easy access to highly effective questions you can ask your clients to yield deeper awareness & change.

But not only that! In the Cheat Sheet, I break down for you different Coaching Question Categories, and when to use each category.

You’ll not only have what to ask your clients at your fingertips, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding for how to craft breakthrough questions on the spot. 

Meet Joanna

With over 20 years of experience, Joanna Lindenbaum is the industry leader in training coaches, therapists and transformational practitioners how to go deep with their clients for real results and change. Her signature Sacred Depths Practitioner Training is the gold standard for practitioners who want to use powerful, somatic, trauma informed techniques with clients. Joanna is a powerful voice of integrity, profound wisdom and a masterful teacher in the art of lasting transformation.