The Art of

Client transformation

3-Day Virtual Event | June 10-12, 2021

Create Deeper Breakthroughs, Lasting Transformation & Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans

Creating Real Change with our clients requires Real Leadership...

Skills. Practice. Experience. Confidence.

And a willingness to journey through the Shadows.

Being a transformational practitioner is an honor… and a responsibility. 

Being a “good enough” practitioner is no longer good enough. 

Not in the year 2020 when our clients’ fears, Shadows and obstacles have risen to the surface. 

Not when we’re talking about Evolutionary Transformation. 

Not when our work is about healing the deepest wounds that keep people stuck in the patterns of dysfunction that are causing them pain. 

Is this you?

“I never know what’s going to work—or not work—with my clients”

You’re a practitioner who is seasoned and has been around for years - you know you can support clients to get results… but you don’t necessarily know why you’re able to get results.

“I know I could be going way deeper”

You’re towards the beginning of your practice. You’ve worked with some clients and it’s been amazing, but you know there are many more potent places you could be taking your clients. 

“I want more meaning in my work”

You’re a professional who is either thinking of starting your own business or wanting to bring coaching or transformational work into your organization - you want to go deeper in the work you’re doing, make it more meaningful, and more impactful all around.

“I’m sick of the surface level of the Coaching Industry”

Maybe you yourself have experienced coaching or healing from a practitioner and felt like it was shallow for you or didn’t really address your needs in powerful ways. Or maybe you’ve had an experience with a practitioner who has belittled you or shamed you or bypassed you, whether they meant to or not. And it’s left a bitter taste in your mouth.

“I don’t feel confident in my client work”

You keep on holding yourself back from being bold with clients - or even putting yourself out there - because of the Fraud Factor.

Masterful at some skills, clueless with others

There are certain parts of your client work that you’re super masterful at, and then other parts that you get really nervous about – like working with client resistance or navigating through really tough client patterns, and you don’t know what to do to move them beyond that.

Bored with your client work

Maybe you’re even bored with how you’ve been working with clients, knowing that you’re scratching the surface with simply asking clients what they want to work on, creating action plans, and then asking for takeaways. How many times can a practitioner do that over and over again? You want to do something that goes a lot deeper.

Low Renewal and Referral Rates

You’re exhausted from marketing all the time. You work so hard for each new client to come through the door, but you don’t reap the longer term benefit of having them renew with you or refer their friends.

Your client work can be

Deep, Meaningful, Transformational AND Highly Lucrative.

You can own a treasure trove of Transformational Skills that allow you to reach your highest potential, spectacularly serve your clients’ deepest needs, and grow your business organically through Renewals, Referrals and Stellar Reputation.

"I am coaching much more masterfully. I also feel so much more confident reflecting the truth & calling out resistances and fears. This results in more powerful results & being able to go much deeper with clients in a shorter amount of time." 

—Tanya Dantus,

“I have a graduate degree in counseling and never encountered the depth, wisdom and sheer practical instruction that is woven into each training session with Joanna.”  

— Moira Shaughnessy, Catalyst Training and Coaching

The Art of

Client transformation

is a 3-DAY Immersion for Practitioners who are called to do the deepest level work of human change and transformation. 


Everything you learn will be broken down into the step-by-step processes used throughout.

Inner Work

Unravel any impediments to your own confidence and courage so you can step into greater Visibility and Authentic Leadership.


You’ll leave with potent, new tools & techniques in your medicine bag of transformation.

Those of us who are called to do the sacred and profoundly impactful work our clients long for...

We know that going to the places of evolutionary transformation requires a different level of courage and clarity. 

It also calls for the unique and exceptional ability to go confidently and skillfully into the depths of the unknown. We also know that as we step fully into our own power and presence as transformational practitioners and healers, we are required to do our own internal work.

Because knowing your soul’s calling is not enough on its own. You need to have the sacred grounding, wisdom and insight to co-create the level of transformation you know you are capable of offering the world.

Of course there are practical skills and intellectual knowledge involved...

But there’s something much more vital than that. You may have seen and felt it in the presence of practitioners who seem to magically draw clients in with their powerful energy alone. The ones you know can go anywhere their clients need to go, no corner too dark, no excavation too deep.

Their clients credit the work they’ve done together with the life-changing results they achieve. They are considered to be masterful guides of profound transformation. Their clients can’t stop talking about them or referring other people to them.

And once people find them, they keep coming back to work with those same remarkable practitioners year after year. Because clients aren’t looking for surface changes. The evolution of our industry now requires you to have the ability to go where true, lasting, meaningful change occurs…

Into the Depths...

And that is exactly what the Applied Depth Transformational Practitioner Institute specializes in. 

Surface level work is of no interest because we know it doesn’t truly serve our clients.

We are committed to much deeper levels of transformation, the kind you know you are capable of co-creating with your clients. That’s why we’re giving you an opportunity to test the waters of our work, and dive in for a powerful and illuminating 3-day virtual event. Because there is a precise way to do the work you long to do.

What you’ll experience during our time together will change not only the place you do your work from, it will realign the inner compass from which you live your life and level up the way you run your business. 

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$497 $97 includes all three days

"I now have so much confidence when serving clients who needed to go deep or get uncomfortable in order to move forward...As an experienced coach, I’d highly recommend this for both new and seasoned coaches!"

—Gwenn Prinbeck, Personal & Professional Life Coach,

"My colleagues in my mastermind have already commented on the breadth, depth, and clarity of my energy and skills - and I see Sacred Depths as being essential to my personal transformation of really owning who I am, and my gifts."

—Lea Artis, Mystic, Coach, Alchemist to High Achievers,

You don’t need to muscle through and grind your teeth when clients experience Resistance, Shadows, Fears or Self-Sabotage.

There is a way to gracefully and masterfully support them to life changing results.

When you can co-create real and lasting transformation with clients, everything changes and so much more is possible for your clients and for yourself.

The Agenda

Here's what you can expect:


The Art of Client Transformation is your opportunity to go to a deeper level in your work as a transformational practitioner. 

Please do not register if you do not have the intention of experiencing the entire event. 
(Imagine we are meeting in a stunning retreat center in the tropical rainforests of Puerto Rico!!)

Dates & Times

June 10
11am EST - 6pm EST

June 11
11am EST - 6pm EST

June 12
11am EST - 2pm EST

How we show up fully and consciously engaged, online

Our shared goal is Sacred Space, to fully mimic the magic we create together in the room. Admittedly, it’s easier to just take a back seat, to hide behind our video being “off” and being muted. 

But deep down, we crave connection. To do this, we commit to showing up, being personally responsible for making Conscious Engagement and this community our top priority during our designated time together.

This retreat is like no other event you’ve experienced before...

  • This isn’t an event where you take pages of notes that don’t get integrated into action
  • This isn’t an event where you passively listen to the “speaker”
  • ​This isn’t an event where we scratch the surface

This Retreat is

Intimate and Experiential

You won’t just learn with your “mind” - you’ll learn and transform with your heart and somatically, with your body. Massive a-has will bring you to tears

Heart-Opening Breakthroughs will help realign your entire perspective

Transformation will be palpable in each and every moment

This training training in the Art of Client Transformation that will activate you to:

1) Go deeper than you’ve ever gone in your work with clients (deeper than 99% of other practitioners)

2) Have way more confidence and wherewithal to be bolder, more authentic, and more effective in your marketing

3) Connect way more deeply to yourself, to the gold hidden inside your shadows, to your brilliance and your potential

"Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself!"

— Elizabeth Purvis, 
7-Figure Goddess

"Joanna shows up with EVERYTHING-- body, mind, spirit, heart and soul....AND kick-ass wisdom, experience, honesty, truth and real tools that work!"

—Jessica Shepard

"Through both the practical and energetic work with Joanna, I have an entirely new life that is centered on my heart-work that I could not have even envisioned before"

—Miranda Maher,

The Art of

Client transformation

The Art of

Client transformation

3-Day Virtual Event | June 10-12, 2021

Day One

Beliefs and Trust Patterns

(for yourself, for your clients)

Bringing the truth into the light:

  • Understand why you’re currently working at a level that is too shallow for your true abilities
  • Transform & alchemize the part of you that questions whether you are “enough”
  • Shift the deep seated beliefs within you (including the “Fraud Factor”!) that prevent your true embodied brilliance... and hold you back from marketing!
  • ​Excavate your patterns of (dis)trust (of yourself & others) to be able to go way deeper in your work
  • Work Archetypally with your different “Parts” to yield more confidence and peace (for you and your clients)
  • Deflate the wounds that hold you and your clients back from deeper connection & motivation
  • ​Work with your Inner Child in a very profound way


Resistance and Fear

Leaning into discomfort

  • Work through the fear and Shadow of Anger in order to be bolder in your client work (and business)
  • Unmask your Resistance Archetypes for yourself and to be able to elevate your clients
  • ​Start to recircuit how The Victim, The Judge, The Flake, The Know It All or The Confused One inside of you
  • Unpack the Mechanics of Fear to be able to create client breakthroughs + show up more powerfully in your work
  • ​Move beyond breakthrough into understanding how to create client transformation
  • ​Discover the #1 Principle that will lead you to way more effective sales conversations
  • Release the impulse to circumvent discomfort so that you stop holding yourself back from excellence in your client work

Day Three


Breaking Down the Skills + Owning Your Brilliance

  • Dive Deep in a client demonstration where Joanna will bring all the pieces together for you in powerful ways
  • ​Activate your Breakthrough Questioning Skills
  • Hone your Deep Listening Skills
  • ​Discover the most potent bookends needed for a transformational client session
  • ​Step more deeply into your brilliance and own your power

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$497 $97 includes all three days

My business is now a direct transmission of my inner wisdom and light, my relationships are healing, and my dedication to my own well-being is at the forefront. I came home, and I’m not going backward again.   

— Erica Shane, Doula, childbirth expert, and certified gentle sleep coach,
Joanna is simply amazing at what she does. She models what she teaches making it really easy to see and get the learning at a core level. She is extremely generous and it’s evident that she deeply cares about every one of her students. I highly recommend working with Joanna. There’s no way you will ever be the same. Her teachings have forever changed me and the impact I’m able to make.   

— Justine Arian-Edwards, Women’s Empowerment Coach,
"Joanna is one of the best coaches in the industry. It has been a privilege to get to work with her. Through our work together 1:1 and in Sacred Depths, I left my corporate job, started my own coaching business and made $275K in the first year! In my second year working with her I made $425K. I feel grateful to have her as my coach, challenging my inner belief systems and translating that into the success in my business. I sign up for every program she is offering because of how powerful the work is."

-Rachel L Rider

Here’s what you can expect at

The Art of Client Transformation:

  • In depth training that challenges you to look at yourself and your work on a higher level
  • Experiential and Somatic exercises that connect you to yourself and activate transformation 
  • Direct life-changing coaching from Joanna - lots of shares, lots of of Q/A, lots of revelations, love of breakthrough tears
  • And intimate environment with other whip-smart, high integrity practitioners and practitioners-to-be… a sacred place to go deep, be vulnerable, learn from shared experience
  • ​Step by step instruction and practical takeaways. Ways to uplevel your client work IMMEDIATELY.

Meet Your

Mentor & Guide 

Joanna Lindenbaum is a powerhouse of human psyche insight, grounded intuition, and transformational techniques, which she generously shares with her students. 

Joanna is a potent combination of depth and sacrednessness with laser focused strategy, and she has a magical way of supporting each student to feel seen, heard, and loved. 

She is a dynamic teacher and penetrating coach, and models all that she teaches in her life and work. She is the founder of the Applied Depth Practitioner Institute.

"I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna's support." 

— Christine Dyan Thomson, Christine Dyan International,
“I have so much gratitude for what is genuinely a sacred and deep immersion, and for Joanna’s fearless commitment to holding high standards in this field.”

— Monika Nataraj