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Into the Depths

An Advanced Training that Prepares You to lead extraordinary retreats, workshops, & group programs

When you can fill & lead life-changing groups, your business can grow exponentially.

Become a Master at facilitating world-class group experiences that your clients & audiences remember FOREVER 

If you are a seasoned leader, but not taking your clients as deep as you'd like...

...this training will teach you exactly how to yield bigger breakthroughs and deeper transformation that your clients and audiences rave about.

If you are a new facilitator who is scared because you don't know how to lead groups...

...this training will teach you exactly how to lead stellar workshops and retreats with the mastery of an expert; your confidence will soar and your participants will be in gratitude for the work you do together.

If you haven't yet been able to figure out how to lead programs that has participants coming back for more...

...this training will teach you exactly how to create experiences for groups that keep them engaged, always moving towards results, and wanting to buy from you over and over again.

Even more than a program or training, Into the Depths is a comprehensive journey for practitioners who want to grow their business by going deep and being WAY more effective in your group work.

So that you feel more satisfied in your work.
So that you know you are doing your best work & making greater impact.
So that you don't waste so much time & energy correcting what didn't go well in your groups.
So that you create more repeat clients and referrals because folks are in love with the work you did together.

Into the Depths is about being a facilitator of deep transformation and “bring them to their knees” personal insight and awareness… it's about becoming the thought leader and dynamic teacher that you are ready to become.

At its core, this offering is about preparing you to lead extraordinary workshops, retreats, events and programs. To co-create massive transformation with those you serve. To stand among the best of the best. To be unforgettable.

To be the transformational leader your clients want to come back to over and over and over again.

Into the Depths will help you to:

  • Develop your authentic body of work and articulate your unique thought leadership.
  • ​Have the gravitas that comes from knowing you’ve delved into your own shadow and faced your own insecurities, fears, triggers and shame. 
  • Immediately stand out from the crowd. Your differentiation? Mastery, excellence and exquisite transformational skills.
  • ​Know precisely how to break your clients through stuck places and resistance.
  • ​Lead a roomful of participants who are gushing with love & empowerment from the experience.
  • ​Master the art of creating the kinds of shifts that make people cry… in the very best way. 
  • Enjoy a business that is so much easier to market because of raving group participants… More referrals. More repeat customers…your outstanding reputation will precede you. 

There’s nothing like facilitating true transformation with a group of humans.

Holding space as someone sets down the burdens they were carrying. Walking with them through the darkness, into true freedom. In moments like this, we understand and embody our purpose. We live as as our most potent activation.
Welcome to Your Initiation into becoming a Master Transformational Facilitator

“My confidence as a facilitator has skyrocketed. I'm planning my first weekend retreat. Workshop participants are thrilled with their results. Clients are experiencing deeper healing as I use in the tools I learned in the program.

Most important, instead of hiding, I now look for opportunities to share my work. I'm pursuing my dreams of writing and speaking. I'm not afraid to 'play big'.” 

— Bryce Goebel, Empowering You to Heal

What is an Into the Depths Transformational Facilitator?

  • One who powerfully, lovingly and effectively transforms people’s lives on the deepest level.
  • ​One who knows how to hold sacred space for groups to come together and heal.
  • ​One who creates experiences that deliver the highest level of learning and transformation, experiences that change their clients forever.
  • One who can move large crowds while also helping each person feel seen and heard in intimate ways.
  • ​One who knows how to gracefully handle tense situations in groups – situations where folks may get grumpy or take up more space than appropriate.
  • ​One who knows how to give fully and generously WITHOUT exhausting herself or draining her energy.
  • ​One who teaches in ways that the learning & growth actually stick permanently instead of falling away as soon as her students leave the room. 
  • One who knows how to help her audiences feel connected, safe and vulnerable instead of disconnected, suspicious or disengaged. 
  • One who knows exactly what to do when big emotions come up in the room. 
And a transformational facilitator is a person who is REAL and AUTHENTIC, someone who herself shifts, heals and transforms as she steps more and more into who she is as a leader…

A transformational facilitator is a guide, a teacher, a coach, a speaker whose clients and audiences remember her, whose clients and audiences have immense gratitude and love for, whose clients and audiences credit as one of the main reasons they are as successful as they are, credit for helping provide the greatest learnings and transformations, and whose clients and audiences talk about and refer to others.

That is what I want to help you step into. For your business. For your future clients. But mostly, for YOURSELF.

I'm Joanna Lindenbaum

21 years ago, I was disconnected from my deepest self, I felt empty about many things, and I wasn’t able to unleash my full potential to support others in transformation.

Everything changed when I learned Ritual, Shadow and Archetype work.

I was initiated into the powerful women’s traditions that have been the bedrock of empowerment and deep soul connection for millennia.

By literally dancing with snakes, activating the Warrior Woman inside of myself, befriending the Crone, and honoring the power of my womb, I transformed.

Through ritual, I learned how to love myself fully, how to hold myself sacred, how to create real meaning in my life, and how to become a leader who helps my clients transform in the most profound ways possible.
And this is what I now teach my students (including gurus in the coaching, speaking and training fields – word has gotten out about the power of the work I do, and heavy hitters come to me privately to learn it for themselves). I have coached & trained thousands of practioners, and they thank me time and again for showing them how to get close to Spirit, how to embrace their truest souls, how to live the magical way of the Earth, and how to become master facilitators who know exactly how to shift & heal rooms full of people.

My students are successful because the self-love, self-authority and connection to Spirit I lead them into not only creates a transcendent experience of life, but it also helps them become outrageously effective coaches, teachers and healers. (My students are told all the time that the retreats they lead, the circles they facilitate, and the sessions they provide BLOW their clients away. Whether their work is “spiritual” or not, they are regularly told that this ritual work heals issues that have persisted for decades. This is why they can charge higher rates and why they have repeat business without even trying).

“Joanna’s training is amazing for coaches at every level. She really knows how to incorporate deep level soul work with practical tips on how to bring the best out of your groups. After years of facilitating events of every size, it was nice to go back and learn new things. And my clients and groups are loving all the things I’m learning. Joanna really knows how to help you dig deep and go to the next level. Would suggest the training for all coaches!”

— Monica Shah, Business Coach, CEO Revenue Breakthrough 

With Into the Depths, you can do this, too…

And, instead of learning a new facilitation “method” –which can only take you so far– you’ll walk away with the confidence and the skills to create your own methods.

You’ll be able to create incredible transformational experiences, no matter what content you use. And you’ll step more fully into who you are as a transformational facilitator because you’ll be able to use the foundational and advanced facilitation skills in any situation.

This certification for master facilitators gives you everything you need to be a true transformational leader and changemaker:

You will learn advanced facilitation skills, curriculum development, ritual, ceremony, Archetype Activation and Shadow so that you become the weaver and crafter of energy, learning, and healing in the room.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to navigate fear, shame, guilt, grief and anger in your groups, and be able to hold space for your entire audience as you support and transmute these powerful energies. 
  • Become a haven for others through your ability to be with intense and deep emotional processing and clearing, and you’ll find that you can do so without it impacting your emotional state and presence.
  • Become aware of and leverage your own personal Shadows and Archetypes in order to do the deep work with your own clients, recognize their own Shadows and blocks, keep 100% clean and clear with your clients, and bring much more awareness and healing power to all of your work.
  • Level Up your Coaching Skills in massive ways so that you can work quickly and effectively 1:1 with participants in ways that move and transform the entire room.
  • Ultimately, own new skills, confidence, and authority as a leader of sacred retreats, events and workshops... and because of this you’ll enjoy the ability to easily attract clients who are ready for the depth of transformation available through shadow and archetype work and the fulfillment and confidence that comes when you know you rocked their world.

"After years of thinking about and planning to launch my program, in the few short months that I have worked with Joanna I have finally started teaching! This giant leap forward is a direct result of the confidence I have gained through this training."

Joanna is an amazing teacher. I took the Master Ritual & Facilitation Training before I even had a paying client to gain insight into my teaching style and confidence in my abilities as a master facilitator. I can't emphasize enough how valuable this training is, even at the very beginning stages of your work. After years of thinking about and planning to launch my program, in the few short months that I have worked with Joanna I have finally started teaching! This giant leap forward is a direct result of the confidence I have gained through this training in my ability to authentically deliver a life-changing experience for my students.

— Anna Lovett, Soul Advocacy

The Into the Depths Retreats

The heart of the Into the Depths training is 4 intimate, highly interactive and experiential retreats over the course of the year.
Retreat 1: The Facilitation and Ritual Retreat (In person)
January 31 - February 3, 2023
Retreat 2: The Shadow and Archetype Retreat (In person)
April 26 - April 28, 2023
Retreat 3: The Business Building & Marketing Retreat (Virtual)
July 26 - 28, 2023
Retreat 4: The Practicum (In person)
October 10  - 13, 2023

Retreat Logistics


The international airport in closest proximity to our meeting is: Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT).


Your options include affordable towncar and limousine services or hailing apps like Uber or Lyft.


Dress is casual (we do lots of process work!). Be comfortable, and wear layers. The room can vary in temperature.


Breakfast is included with hotel. My team will be hosting you for a nutritious lunch, and there are many choices within walking distance for dinner.


Our meeting will be held in Charlotte, NC. We have secured a discounted room rate for you with our host hotel.

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

This 4-day in person retreat is where you dive deeply into Facilitation Mastery so you can create outstanding results with your clients. You will learn countless techniques, skills and tools to support you in leading extraordinary groups. You will evolve deeply personally and professionally.

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

Become a Master at Creating Potent Environments

This is the most important tool of facilitating any kind of ritual or transformational experience for an individual or group. If your environment is leaky, your participants will get bored or won’t go as deep as they could, or get upset at you or others in the group.
You will learn:
  • ​How to create a safe and sacred container, even before people step into the room, so that the group feels like a tight community that is ready to be open and do deep work.
  • The Master Formula for Kicking Off Retreats & Workshops – why the first 45 minutes of ANY event are the MOST important, how to ease-fully encourage your participants to be more vulnerable and open, and how to create it.
  • ​Advanced strategies on how to ensure group members don’t get stuck in anger at you, individuals in the group or the group as a whole.
  • ​How to elicit productive sharing, brainstorming and masterminding that doesn’t feel forced or off-point.
  • ​The Golden Rule of bathroom & lunch breaks so that these parts of the day become supportive of everything you're working on (yes, breaks are an important - and misunderstood - component of the container!)
  • ​The last 3 activities of any workshop or retreat that you MUST include in order for participants to fully integrate all they've learned and leave feeling transformed.

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

Craft Curriculum for the Deepest Transformation and Learning

One of the biggest mistakes I see facilitators make is having good content that doesn’t flow. They just throw a bunch of pieces together for a ritual or workshop or retreat, but the content doesn’t take the participants on an intentional journey. It doesn’t matter if your content is amazing or your individual exercises are powerful. Your entire curriculum needs to work together for maximum impact and effectiveness.
You will learn:
  • ​Exactly how to know what content to use and what content to put to the side so that participants learn & experience EXACTLY what they need to.
  • ​The essential Foundational and Advanced Elements to make ANY content relevant and effective to everyone in the room.
  • ​How to make quick decisions on the spot/change curriculum on the spot/ based on what your group needs.
  • ​How and When to Navigate between “mental” exercises and experiential exercises for maximized learning.
  • ​The Four Levels of Learning & Transformation and how to layer them into your exercises & activities.
  • ​How to get your participants connected to and invested in your curriculum immediately.
  • ​The Difference Between a Breakthrough and a Transformation, and how to use your curriculum to achieve both.
  • ​The 7 "Steps" that every curriculum with depth & gravitas needs.

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

Facilitate Powerful Experiential Processes for ANY Type of Content

Think back through the most transformational and healing experiences you’ve had. Chances are, they engaged all 5 of your senses. Deepest learning and receptivity happens through your participants’ bodies. In order to fully process emotion, you must learn through your body. In order to not only have a breakthrough, but activate the shifting in your cells to break patterns, you must learn through your body.
You will learn:
  • ​How to set up rituals and experiential exercises in a way that your clients can deeply process, learn, and integrate.
  • ​The power of Embodiment and how to create experiential exercises that work with & through the energy in the body.
  • ​Hundreds of Ritual ideas including releasing rituals, manifesting rituals, commitment rituals, growth rituals, etc.
  • ​The language of Ritual & how to craft Ceremonies that are deep, sacred, and impact participants in the most powerful ways.
  • ​What Experiential Sequencing is (this is the KEY component to transformational classes & ceremonies), and how to do it.
  • ​How to use Ceremony to activate the highest level of empowerment within participants.
  • ​Building Blocks for powerful Visualizations (& lots of Visualization ideas!)
  • ​How to be Trauma Informed and in-integrity in your deep, experiential exercises and all of your facilitation
  • ​Other fun tools like: Divination practices, how to integrate movement, art, music and singing, and much more!

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

Navigate the Nuance of Community & Create Communities that Fosters Safety, Vulnerability, and a feeling of Belonging for your participants (that they’ll never want to leave)

If you are leading a workshop, ritual, or any other transformational experience that includes a group of people, creating a strong sense of community and belonging is critical. Using your container to correct misaligned family dynamics is also key. Instead of having a “flat” workshop, you’ll create one that is engaging and transformational – where clients participate, open up, learn from you and learn from each other. Any group experience isn’t just about the leader or guide who is facilitating. It’s about everyone in the room. You need to have a solid step-by-step process for creating a sense of community that will help everyone feel welcomed, seen, and connected.
You will learn:
  • ​How to bring a circle or community together immediately, create love, respect, and connection in the room (even when everyone just met for the first time 5 minutes before).
  • ​How to help everyone feel seen, heard and held, even if hundreds are in the room (if they feel seen, they will learn better & transform more easily).
  • ​People always tell me I attract the most amazing people in the world (which I do), but I also facilitate to bring out the best in every person present. I’ll teach you how to do this too.
  • ​How to create more engagement, more sharing, and more vulnerability.
  • ​How to craft a community that is so tight, that part of the value of your offering is the power of the community (& they want to keep on coming back to be with each other!)
  • ​What to do to gel a group when you have participants who have been with you and each other before, as well as new people who don't know anyone.
  • ​Exactly how to handle a situation where one participant gets triggered by another.
  • ​How to move your clients forward, encourage them to learn and shine WITHOUT comparing, judging or becoming jealous of others in the group (Comparison is one of the TOP blocks to forward movement in groups).
  • ​The unique Shadow obstacles that arise if you are co-facilitating with someone else...and how to leverage those Shadows into powerful gifts for everyone.

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

Harness Sacred Rhythms for Life, Business and Workshop Facilitation

All of life and business is based on the model of the 4-part cycle: Birth, Growth, Harvest, and Death. When you are unaware of and disconnected from these cycles, you are out of sync, blocked from your natural flow, separate from your intuition, tired, and WAY less effective. When you understand and are aligned with these rhythms and cycles, your entire life takes on deeper meaning, you become more effective and successful, you feel more at peace… and you understand how to facilitate on much deeper and advanced levels.
You will learn:
  • ​A unique, intuitive and HIGHLY effective coaching methodology to easily integrate with your private clients and your groups.
  • ​All about traditional Women’s Wisdom, Women’s mythology, the Divine Feminine – and how to use this for yourself and others.
  • ​How to leverage and harness the power of the Earth Cycles in your retreats and workshops You will also discover new layers to your own self and your own soul – healing from decades of limiting beliefs, fears and old stories.
  • ​How to become a powerful Business Priestess.
  • ​What is required to move through life at a pace that serves you and deeply nourishes you.
  • ​To determine exactly when your clients and participants are ready for initiation, growth, harvesting or release (knowing the right “rhythm” makes ALL the difference in your ability to lead others to success).

The Facilitation & Ritual Retreat

Activate your FULL Leadership:
Make Sure No One Takes the Group Hostage

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen to unseasoned - & seasoned! - facilitators over and over again. You’ve created a beautiful ritual or retreat, your clients are engaged and learning, and then all of a sudden one participant takes the group hostage. This participant has no boundaries or awareness of other people’s boundaries so she speaks for way too long, or demands more and more of your attention. She may have an inappropriate outburst or say something very offensive to someone else in the group. When this happens, it’s extremely difficult to recover without getting frustrated and entering a power struggle. We want to make sure you know how to handle this. 
You will learn:
  • ​How to do deep work without triggering others or activating un-moveable resistance.
  • ​How to get buy in from your participants and bypass eye rolling or resistance or confusion.
  • How to handle Family Dynamics: projections onto you as mother or father/ Sister issues (competition, jealousy, judgement, dislike) among participants.
  • ​How to work with an individual in the group for total group learning (this is PURE GOLD. I will model for you dozens of techniques for creating MASSIVE & QUICK BREAKTHROUGHS for the individual and the entire room. Your Coaching Skills will skyrocket after this).
  • ​How to handle participants who talk-endlessly or over-share in ways that feel empowering for them and the entire group.
  • ​What to do when a participant can't stop crying or gets physically overwhelmed by a breakthrough.
  • ​How to Handle the Major Archetypes of Resistance & Disruption: The Judge, The Know-It-All, The Sarcastic One, The Confused One, The Angry One, The Jester, The Victim, The Flake.

"Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself!"

Elizabeth Purvis, 
7-Figure Goddess

"If you are on the fence about working with Joanna, I am here to tell you that it is WELL worth the investment. The ROI you will receive cannot be measured in only dollar amounts."

—Makeda Pennycooke, owner at Makeda Pennycooke

"I had the opportunity to implement her amazing training at my own 4-day retreat. I felt more confident, less drained and the retreat seamlessly flowed together."

Wendy Swanson, Starpoint Acupuncture

The Shadow and Archetype Retreat

Deepen your relationship with yourself and your own Shadows in ways you never thought possible, and then learn how to be one of the most effective facilitators in your industry by supporting your participants to work with their own Shadows, blocks, limited patterning, and self-sabotage.

The Shadow & Archetype Retreat

Become a Master at Energy Transformation

Ever notice that the BEST sporting events, shows or classes are the ones where the ENERGY is working well? Being a Transformational Leader and Facilitator who makes a REAL impact on your audiences means being able to change, manipulate and shift the energy of the room in an instant. It means being able to shift the energy within an individual. And it means being able to lead your entire group into an “entrainment” of energy – to all be in the same energy.
You will learn:
  • What to do when energy in the room is low or confused.
  • ​What to do when a participant gets stuck, and their block is in their blindspot.
  • ​How to hold yourself and your energy so that you are seen and heard and have command of the room.
  • ​How to activate your intuition (instead of getting caught in your anxiety) when you are leading.
  • ​How to positively manipulate energy and environment for deeper emotion, learning and transformation.
  • ​How to ensure your “emotion evoking” exercises don’t fall flat.
  • ​How to evoke Joy, Celebration, Sorrow, Anger or any other emotion that is necessary for your client’s growth.

The Shadow & Archetype Retreat

Create the Deepest Levels of Healing, by working with the Shadow

Learning how to masterfully work with your own Shadows, as well as those of your clients, is one of the biggest factors to have you completely stand out in your industry as the go-to person that transforms others. When you master these skills, you never again have to worry about client’s blocks, fears or limiting beliefs showing up to sabotage the room or their own success. I will lead you to work with your Shadows FIRST because you aren’t truly able to do this level of deep work with others until you do it for yourself.
You will learn:
  • ​How to recognize and work with your OWN Shadows (some of the deepest personal development work you will ever do).
  • ​How to show up 110% as clean and clear for your clients, audiences and workshop participants.
  • ​Immediately bring deep understanding & big shifts to your clients about their own blocks and patterns.
  • ​Step fully into your Light Shadows for greater presence, confidence, brilliance and power.
  • ​How to hold and work with ALL emotions in the room, particularly the deeper darker ones like anger, grief, jealousy and judgment.
  • ​How to heal larger, collective unconscious issues that make their way into your clients’ personal stories.
  • ​How to help clients reclaim parts of themselves that they disconnected from long ago.
  • ​How to transform Client Shame into Client Empowerment.
  • ​Exactly what to do in order to un-block energies like The Fraud, The Victim, The Villain, The Lazy One, The Doormat, The Jealous One and others so that they stop sabotaging your participants in their goals.

The Shadow & Archetype Retreat

Lead Participants to feel Whole, Integrated and in Love with Themselves (no matter what your curriculum is!)

Every single human being is comprised of dozens of Archetypes. These Archetypal energies create love, hate, compassion, joy, anger, grief, judgement, fear, sense of lack, sense of abundance, and beyond. When you are able to understand the Archetypal energies that your participants are consciously or unconsciously bringing forward or rejecting, and when you know how to channel, harness and draw out those energies, Integration, Self-Love, Forgiveness and Confidence are created for your participants instantly.
You will learn:
  • ​The ins and outs of channeling Archetypal energy for a group of 2, 20 or 2,000.
  • ​How to help clients integrate seemingly at-odds personality traits within themselves.
  • ​Ways to help participants fully own their brilliance and their unacknowledged superpowers.
  • ​How to manage the energy in the room, no matter what comes up.
  • ​How to skillfully bring mythology and storytelling into your work for deeper client learning.
  • ​Dreamwork for breakthroughs and Transformation.
  • ​The Inner Personas Dialogue Method (just this one technique will elevate EVERYTHING in your group and 1:1 work).

The Shadow & Archetype Retreat

Claiming your Place as a Transformational Leader & Facilitator

Being a truly transformative leader & facilitator isn’t just about having the best facilitation skills. You can have the best skills in the world, but if you haven’t fully stepped into the Archetype of the Transformational Leader, you won’t be as effective or feel at peace.
You will learn:
  • ​How to find your unique facilitation Style and Voice.
  • ​How to activate your leadership skills and your unique leadership archetype.
  • ​How to develop your confidence.
  • ​How to overcome any fears or reservations around your leadership or facilitation skills so that you are FREE to take risks, be experimental, lead big and small groups effortlessly and don’t stress about any of it.

The Virtual Business Building & Marketing Retreat

In this two-day retreat, we will roll up our sleeves and take a deep dive look at your business plans and strategies for the next 6-12 months. We will journey through a deep, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y and exciting protocol for you to be able to assess what's working and not working in your business, for you to get more clear on your messaging and programming, and then for you to plan out aligned marketing that is tailored specifically to YOU, your business, your resources, and your needs.

You will receive lots of personal attention, coaching and consulting from me as we get into the nitty-gritty details of your business and what your business is ready for.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of marketing strategies that are right for you and your business, a deeper understanding of your unique message in the world, and a specific and detailed marketing plan personalized and tailored to you.

The Practicum

The practicum is for alchemy and embodiment. It is the culmination of our journey together, and it is what truly supports you to integrate and advance all of the skills you have learned. You will stand in your leadership. And be witnessed.

You will prepare a 40-minute curriculum & facilitation that is on your personal edge. In our loving yet high standard sacred space, you will show up as the incredible transformational leader you have become and facilitate your thought-leadership material.

You will walk away with a deep knowing in your body of how extraordinary a facilitator and leader your are. You will receive very thorough feedback from me and from your circle sisters. We will leave no stone un-turned. You will walk away with tons of notes…but most importantly, you will walk away with even more confidence and belief in yourself.

You (& your work) will never be the same.
The Practicum is hands down my favorite retreat. It is so powerful and integrates everything in big, powerful ways.

When you become a

Master Transformational Facilitator

you become the Leader you've always known you can be.

"Learning more about how to live life through the ebbs and flows of the seasons, the moon cycles and how to work with my Shadow self was life-changing for me."

I enrolled in the Master Ritual & Facilitator Training because I knew it was time to take my business to the next level by incorporating Women's Circles & Workshops. I also wanted to learn more about rituals and I knew Joanna was the perfect coach to support me in learning in a way that wasn't just about theory, but also about self-integration. While enrolled in the program, not only did I learn how to become a Master at facilitation for my clients, but the program also helped me grow as a person. Learning more about how to live life through the ebbs and flows of the seasons, the moon cycles and how to work with my Shadow self was life-changing for me and I'm looking forward to sharing all of this with my clients. I am forever grateful for Joanna's wisdom and her coaching mastery. She's definitely the best of the best!

— Christine Dyan, www.ChristineDyan.co

Additional Recorded Trainings

Additionally, your evolution will be enriched with these additional trainings:
  • ​The Sacred Art of Surrender (for Facilitators and Clients)
  • ​Sacred Power: Being In Integrity & Trauma Informed in all of your Work
  • ​Leveraging Natural Cycles for Client Results
  • ​Journaling as a Facilitation & Breakthrough Tool
  • ​Advanced Processes for Working with Shadow & Archetype
  • ​How to Facilitate when Doozy, Special and Rare Things Happen

The Bonuses


The Curriculum Lab

(EPIC 5-week LIVE Online Training!)

One of the most common requests I get is to share my tools and tricks on how to create curriculum for classes, online programs, and retreats that create transformation, deep learning, and big time results for clients.

Solid curriculum building skills are vital to creating events and programs that will have participants raving, telling their friends and coming back for more. There IS a science and set of skills to create excellent curriculum, and this course will teach you exactly how.
In this 5-week course I’ll teach you:
  • How to set up ANY content that you teach so that it is understandable and digestible for your students.
  • ​The 5 foundational pieces that are required in your setup of any class or program (online or in person) to ensure that clients will learn at their highest level.
  • ​How to take complex ideas and teach them so that your students find it simple and exciting.
  • How to eliminate any “extra” ideas that don’t really move your curriculum forward.
  • ​You'll receive loads of worksheets, resource sheets, tip sheets and cheat sheets for life-changing exercises you can use in your events.

Authentic Enrollment Conversations Workshop

(5 Hours Step by Step Recorded Training)

I’ll show you how to enroll your ideal clients to your retreats, workshop and private work in an authentic, empowering and in-integrity way. When I started as an entrepreneur, I hated having conversations with prospects. The process of enrolling new clients felt slimy and really difficult to me. Maybe you feel that way too. This bonus will transform that for you, and support you to have a clear process of leading aligned prospects to becoming beloved clients. (I now LOVE Sales, and have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to love sales too!)
Here’s just part of what you’ll receive:
  • You’ll learn how to connect deeply with your prospect instead of feeling afraid or trying to be someone you’re not.
  • ​You'll learn the EXACT step by step process to lead prospects through to get to an empowered YES to your offerings.
  • ​You’ll learn how to successfully guide your prospect through the 3 types of resistance that commonly come up in sales processes.
  • ​You’ll also get a full set of done-for-you templates for scheduling prospect calls, reminders, follow ups and more.
  • ​BONUS BONUS: You'll get MY exact sales script to adapt for your own uses!!!
* Just by using this bonus to enroll 1-2 extra clients could pay for the entire Into the Depths training!

Facilitate Like a MASTER Online!

(LIVE Online!)

Once you create your amazing Curriculum, you’ll be ready to level up your online facilitation skills so that you fully bring alive all the content you’re sharing. I don’t want to leave you hanging with this one, so I’ve added this course on how to facilitate online circles and workshops.

Online facilitation skills are different than in-person skills, and in some ways trickier. You’re not face to face in the room together, so you really need to know how to go deep and engage powerfully so that you don’t lose your clients’ interest.
You'll not only have the opportunity to not only experience very sacred Virtual Ceremonies, but then we’ll spend time unpacking all the ways I led and facilitated them so that you are fully armed with online facilitating skills that go beyond the actual content you teach.

How to Fill Your In-Person Events!

(3 Recorded Training Sessions)

In this deep dive, I’ll walk you through an easy-to-execute signature system for gracefully introducing prospects to your work and for ease-fully generating ideal referrals, new contacts, and new opportunities. You'll learn new strategies for prospect outreach, complete with templates you can adapt for the work you do.
In this training, I’ll teach you:
  • The most effective and in-integrity grassroots marketing strategies for activating new prospects.
  • ​How to warmly and powerfully outreach to people you know in order to generate leads and referrals.
  • ​What it looks like to effectively bring your brilliance into your marketing efforts.
  • Easy ways for generating aligned & engaging content for newsletters, presentations and social media
The BEST marketing strategy in the world? Blowing your clients away with the transformation they experience in your groups.

Grow your business by becoming a
Master Transformational Facilitator

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a seasoned & accomplished facilitator. Is this training for me?
A: In short, YES! As a seasoned facilitator and as a transformational leader, I’m sure you know the importance of constantly holding yourself to a higher standard. I’ve been facilitating for two decades, and I am both an expert at it as well as continually learning.

Some of the tools I teach in this program will reinforce what you already know, thus making you more masterful at them. And many other of the tools I teach will be completely new to you, and will help you become even more effective at creating results and transformation.
How do I decide between the FULL program, or just Level 1?
A: I have designed the program to be a 10-month full-service experience that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know, and gives you the time and space to truly process, integrate and master all of your new skills. If you are committed to becoming the BEST of the BEST at what you do, I highly recommend the entire enchilada of the program.

If you’re looking to level up your skills, but not deep dive into Shadow, then Level 1 only is for you.

Is this training for women only?
A: This is my one training program that is only for folks who identify as women, and the curriculum is specifically designed with women in mind. I fully and exuberantly honor & welcome men and non-binary folks into all of my other programming.
I don’t like to travel – will you ever do an online version of this training?
A: The majority of the retreats in this training will always and forever be live and in person (& the investment rate will go up after this year, too). The reason is because one of the biggest component to mastery of new skills is by taking in a master modeling those new skills, and I can really only do this for you in person.

I get the complications - especially these days - of leaving your home and leaving behind your daily business activities and leaving behind the dishes and the to-do lists and to pack and get on a plane and get here. And…especially after all we've been through as a people these last 2+ years, it can also be such a gift to leave our homes...to take time and space out of your mundane activities to come into sacred and elevated space and learn and transform. As a culture we spend a little too much time online these days, don’t you think? In person is truly where the deepest magic happens.

Covid Protocol: Everyone's health and well being is important to me. As of right now, in order to come to our retreats, I will request we each take a Covid test beforehand and show proof of negative status.
I am kick-ass when it comes to 1-on-1 work, so do I need this?
A: One thing I’ve learned in all my years of doing private work and group work, and training others to do so, is this: Group work and Events are a TOTALLY different animal than 1-on-1 work. Yes, you still use your brilliances, but you need to understand human nature and know how to lead in VERY different ways than in 1-on-1.

Additionally, I will be modelling for you 1:1 coaching that I am quite sure will blow your mind. I know you're AMAZING at what you do, and I always believe there is room for more growth!
I’m having trouble filling my workshops/retreats. Should I wait till they are filling to do this training?
A: The honest answer to this is that it depends. Here’s what I can share: I have had quite a number of women who were having trouble filling their events participate. And as a result of participating, their events filled.

How come? Because their presence in our training gave them a ton more clarity about what and how they want to teach (which led to a ton more clarity in their marketing), it gave them so much more confidence in their ability to facilitate and lead (which carried over in their marketing), and it gave them a ton more inspiration and motivation to facilitate to full groups (which carried over into their marketing).

Also, as part of your bonuses for this program, you’ll receive a full 4-hour training on how to successfully conduct sales calls, as well as a 3-hour training on how to fill your events.
I get lost in big trainings – will there be personal attention?
A: YES, YES, YES!!!! I could pretty easily fill these trainings with 50+ women, but I don’t and I won’t. The max in the room is 24 so that we can go very, very deep, so that we can be intimate, so that I get to know you very well, and so that there is plenty of time and space for us to interact and connect, and for you to become a master.

Additionally, one of my "super powers" (which I will teach you to do!) is give deep and focused attention to everyone in the room, while getting the ENTIRE room's needs met. It is pretty magical!
I’m seriously considering registering, but I’d love to have a call to make sure it’s for me. Is that possible?
A: Absolutely! I totally understand wanting to have a connection and ask questions, and see if this is the right training for you. You can schedule a call with a member of team by clicking here. We'd love to talk to you!

Here's what I want for you:

More than anything, I want for you to finally stop your self-doubt from leading the show. I want you to know in your heart and soul that you are a transformational facilitator who makes massive impact on the people you serve. I want you to create the most amazing results for you clients and audiences so that first and foremost YOU feel fantastic about the work you do, and then from there so that you create a tribe of raving fans who buy from you over and over and over again, and who tell everyone they know about you.

I want you to stand as the leader in the room, in your full power, and to activate the power inside of every person you reach. I want you to know that your business is built on quality and on integrity, instead of feeling like you’re always needing to do slimy marketing to get to the next place. 
I also want for you to join me in this revolution to raise the quality of the transformational and self-help industries, because I believe fully that those of us who commit to mastery and who commit to being the best of the best are the ones who will change and heal the world. And let’s be honest, the world really needs us right now!

"With the facilitation and curriculum building skills I’ve learned, my clients have come back to me over and over again, they’ve referred their friends, and new women at my live events are eager to connect and take the next steps to further deepen our work together."

Melanie Elkin, Essencetially You

"This year I went from running one full 9 month group program to leading two and bringing in another coach. Part of this is because so many of my clients wanted to continue working with me because of what they receive."

— Regena Garrepy,
Red Hot Visionistas

"Joanna is absolutely masterful at teaching coaching skills, for both beginners and those more experienced. I’ve shared her coaching tools with my clients groups, and they loved her work. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quality and depth of her trainings. Highly recommended." 

— Bill Baren

This intimate program is limited to 24 women.

This is how we can ensure it is dynamic and truly life-changing for every single participant.

Master Level

  • The Facilitation and Ritual Retreat
  • ​The Shadow and Archetype Retreat
  • ​The Business Building & Marketing Retreat
  • ​The Practicum Retreat
  • ​Bonus #1: The Curriculum Lab
  • ​Bonus #2:  12 Business Blueprinting + Q/A Calls
  • ​Bonus #3: Authentic Enrollment Conversations
  • ​Bonus #4: Fill Your Retreats & Programs
  • ​Bonus #5: Facilitate Like a MASTER Online!
    16 payments of $577

    Foundation Level

    • The Facilitation and Ritual Retreat
    • ​The Shadow and Archetype Retreat
    • ​The Business Building & Marketing Retreat
    • ​The Practicum Retreat
    • ​Bonus #1: The Curriculum Lab
    • Bonus #2: 12 Business Blueprinting + Q/A Calls
    • ​Bonus #3: Authentic Enrollment Conversations
    • ​Bonus #4: Fill Your Retreats & Programs
    • ​Bonus #5: Facilitate Like a MASTER Online!
    8 payments of $607

    Have questions?

    You can speak with a member of Joanna's team! Click the button below to schedule a time:

    "Joanna's wisdom, deep ritual practice, and her thorough instruction gave me the context and confidence to take my small groups to the next level."

    My impetus for joining the Master Ritual and Facilitation Training came out of my first experience leading a small group of women. I had primarily been a practitioner who worked one-on-one with clients or taught larger workshops. I simply hadn't facilitated a circle of women through transformative work before. I can wholeheartedly say that I felt naked - often! I also knew there were moments when I could have taken the group further and didn't have the tools to do it.

    Joanna's wisdom, deep ritual practice, and her thorough instruction gave me the context and confidence to take my small groups to the next level. I left the training with a deep understanding of the hero's journey and how to weave fun, beautiful, and magical practices into a deeply transformative experience. Of course, the bonus in doing this deeply powerful work is the journey of self-discovery I go through in the process. I am so grateful for the personal transformation I had, the safe container Joanna maintained from hour one.   

    —Nancy Campbell, www.radianthealthforyou.com

    “Thanks to Joanna pushing me beyond what I thought my limits were, I have had the opportunity to hold monthly mama moon circles that have been incredible to witness.”

    I really didn’t know what I was stepping into but I knew the Ritual and Facilitation Training Program was important for me. Every retreat allowed me to step deeper into my power as the healer I was meant to be. Joanna has reconnected me to the seasons and the cycles and the value of ritual in a way I didn’t realize was lost. Her direct approach to teaching her skills as a master facilitator was so simple but incredibly powerful.

    As a result of participating in the program, I have the tools and confidence and brought light to the powerful goddess within me. Since stepping into my ritual facilitator role, thanks to Joanna pushing me beyond what I thought my limits were, I have had the opportunity to hold monthly mama moon circles that have been incredible to witness. The women have transformed in each circle and I never knew I could impact my clients in a circle the way I could when I do one-on-one sessions. I have connected into the cycles and ritual that have empowered my life not only as an entrepreneur but also as a mom and wife. Joanna allowed me to see the Queen in me for the first time and it was an invaluable gift I will be ever so grateful for! Since then, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone into my role as a master facilitator and finally share the work I was meant to share! 

    —Tami J Hindin, Inspire Mind Body Spirit

    "After completing this training, I feel so confident with my ability to guide people through the processes that will transform their life."

    I had heard about Joanna Lindenbaum for several years from my coach. When I had a chance to work with her, I jumped at it. After completing this training, I feel so confident with my ability to guide people through the processes that will transform their life. I've been doing retreats the last several years and what I've learned through this process will make a huge difference not only to me but to my participants. All of the mistakes I have made in the past, I can easily see (yikes!) came from not knowing how to create the sacred container in a way that holds the circle for maximum growth.

    — Leigh Daniel, www.leighdaniellaw.com

    "My private practice is now operating at a whole new level that supports me even more than I knew possible as I now begin to monetize new programs and become even more visible in a much bigger way."

    When I began working with Joanna, I already had a successful private practice as a movement specialist and movement coach, and I was ready to expand my business, become more visible, and create group programming that felt outside of my comfort zone, which was why the Master Ritual & Facilitation Program was just the right fit for me. I had done several intense training programs along with receiving a Master's Degree, but felt overwhelmed with how to synthesize all of my experiences and move that into a larger program as well as how to monetize this kind of venture.

    Although I knew I was a masterful practitioner, I didn't know how to move that mastery through my business and into this new kind of larger platform. At the same time, I was fearful of being visible yet had a deep need to be seen and heard. The Master Ritual & Facilitation Program allowed me to really honor and work with my fears in a loving and productive way, challenge me to safely explore ways of moving beyond my comfort zone and leverage the skills I already had, and learn new formats that were transferable to my own programing.

    —Michelle Cohen www.themovementforest.com

    Do you want to be known as one of the best of the best?

    Are you ready to have a much bigger impact? Do you want your group participants to feel transformed by the work you do together? Do you want to know you can handle any group situation that comes your way? 
    If your answer is YES, the Into the Depths will give you everything you desire and more to step into your the Leader you are ready to become...… Welcome.

    Master Level

    • The Facilitation and Ritual Retreat
    • ​The Shadow and Archetype Retreat
    • ​The Business Building & Marketing Retreat
    • ​The Practicum Retreat
    • ​Bonus #1: The Curriculum Lab
    • ​Bonus #2:  12 Business Blueprinting + Q/A Calls
    • ​Bonus #3: Authentic Enrollment Conversations
    • ​Bonus #4: Fill Your Retreats & Programs
    • ​Bonus #5: Facilitate Like a MASTER Online!
      16 payments of $577

      Foundation Level

      • The Facilitation and Ritual Retreat
      • ​The Shadow and Archetype Retreat
      • ​The Business Building & Marketing Retreat
      • ​The Practicum Retreat
      • ​Bonus #1: The Curriculum Lab
      • Bonus #2: 12 Business Blueprinting + Q/A Calls
      • ​Bonus #3: Authentic Enrollment Conversations
      • ​Bonus #4: Fill Your Retreats & Programs
      • ​Bonus #5: Facilitate Like a MASTER Online!
      8 payments of $607

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      Or send us an email at info@joannalindenbaum.com