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Life Changing Courses

build & lead sought after programs that create glowing fans

A 13-week experience to build a transformational world-class group course, workshop or retreat that will WOW your participants, generate referrals & repeat business, and make you proud. 

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If you are a seasoned leader, but not taking your groups as deep or transformative as you'd like...

...this training will teach you exactly how to yield bigger breakthroughs and deeper transformation that your clients and audiences rave about.

If you are a new course creator who is scared because you don't know how to create curriculum or lead groups...

...this training will teach you exactly how to create & lead stellar group programs with the mastery of an expert; your confidence will soar and your participants will be in gratitude for the work you do together.

If you haven't yet been able to figure out how to lead programs that have participants buying from you over & over...

...this training will teach you exactly how to create experiences for groups that keep them engaged, always moving towards results, and wanting to buy from you again & again.

Too many not-so-great courses have given the Transformational Industry a bad reputation. Those courses fail to deliver on their marketing promises and often leave participants feeling regretful that they signed up in the first place.

You don't want to create a course that doesn't actually help participants move towards their goals. And you don't want to lead a course that leaves participants feeling uninspired or upset.

With not-so-great courses, even if your participants feel excited during class time or watching trainings, they're not likely to fully follow through with your content for true long lasting results (& many may simply give up on the course or ask for a refund before it ends!).

With not-so-great courses, your content sounds & feels like everyone else’s. 
You could be mistaken for any one of the thousands of coaches or teachers in the industry.

With not-so-great courses, the energy of the group is overwhelming, the facilitator doesn't know how to handle resistance, and there is a feeling of confusion in the group.

  • You are done with feeling that your content sounds like everyone else's.
  • ​​You are done with knowing your courses don’t go nearly as deep or transformational as they could.
  • ​You are done with wishing your group participants could experience the magic & depth your 1:1 private clients receive.
  • You are done with always having to enroll new clients because old clients don’t continue with you.
  • You are done with not having the confidence that you can handle the energy of a large group
  • ​You are done with worrying you won't be able to safely go deep with a group
  • You are done with worrying you won't know how to navigate resistance and other big emotions that can come up for participants
  • You are done with feeling exhausted and drained when you lead groups
  • You are done with struggling to organize all of your ideas, not knowing how to create cohesiveness from it all.

Or maybe you’re done with simply dreaming that one day you’ll teach a course,
but keep... not creating or completing the content... 

Because it feels so daunting, overwhelming and confusing.

When you learn exactly how to create outstanding curriculum & lead your groups to profound transformation, you are poised to change more lives...while also generating more referrals and repeat business!

The Life Changing Courses training is a comprehensive journey for coaches, therapists, trainers and mentors who want to grow their business by going deep in safe & sacred ways, and being WAY more effective in your group work.

  • So that you feel more satisfied in your work.
  • So that you know you are doing your best work & making greater impact.
  • So that you don't waste so much time & energy correcting what didn't go well in your groups.
  • ​So that even with all the zoom fatigue out there, YOUR program is the program that participants show up for
  • So that you know you are being an ethical leader
  • ​So that you create more repeat clients and referrals because folks are in love with the work you did together.

Life-Changing Courses is about creating Glowing Fans through your extraordinary workshops, retreats, events and programs. A Glowing Fan is a client who has been so deeply impacted by your programming that their life is forever changed. They are in awe of the work you’ve done together or the course you’ve delivered, and they tell everyone they know about it.

Life-Changing Courses is about becoming the thought leader and dynamic teacher that you are ready to become. To co-create massive transformation with those you serve. To facilitate and lead safely, sacredly and with integrity. To stand among the best of the best. To be unforgettable.

Life Changing Courses can help you to:

  •  Develop your authentic body of work and articulate your unique thought leadership (what you're really meant to teach!)
  • Teach in ways that the learning & growth actually stick permanently instead of falling away as soon as your participants leave the room or session
  • Feel confident in your ideas, your facilitation, and in standing up in front of any room (virtual or in person!) to coach, teach and lead
  • Immediately stand out from the crowd. Your differentiation? Mastery, excellence and exquisite transformational skills
  • ​​Lead in ways that energize you
  • Demystify curriculum & content creation, stop running in circles, and cut your prep time
  • ​Make your programming way more interactive, experiential, and dynamic
  • ​Craft somatic exercises that deeply impact the hearts and souls of your participants
  • ​Go deep while also being trauma-informed
  • ​Know how to help your audiences feel connected, safe and vulnerable instead of disconnected, triggered or disengaged
  • ​Feel confident that you can navigate any resistance, block or emotion that comes up in the group
  • ​Lead a roomful of participants who are gushing with love & empowerment from the experience
  • ​​Master the art of creating the kinds of shifts that have people all good ways
  • ​Enjoy a business that is so much easier to market because of Glowing Fans… More referrals. More repeat customers…your outstanding reputation will precede you

A Life Changing Course has the power to motivate your audience to transformation & results that leave them amazed and so grateful...

...and also has them remember you and your leadership for years to come.

What you will learn in Life-Changing Courses is absolutely necessary to be ETHICAL and effective on every level of learning and processing: mind, body, heart and soul.

It helps you stand out as a magic maker from the sea of teachers that are selling courses.

And it highlights you as being on the cutting edge, and your work as unique and noteworthy.  

So that you are seen as experienced, as wise, as knowledgeable and as someone who has the ability to create transformational experiences for those you serve.

 This is an invitation to leap into your next evolution as a leader & beloved teacher who activates deep transformation with clients.

For you, for your business growth, and for those you serve.   

You are ready...

For your soul-connected work to impact more people. 

To leverage your time by offering group programs that change people's lives.

To really know that your  courses, programs and retreats are the BEST in your industry.

To create Glowing Fans who rave about you & the work you do together.

"Life Changing Courses (LCC) provided me with an opportunity to activate what was inside me waiting to come out! The course supported me every step of the way to create my Signature Course curriculum. I had everything I needed including wisdom from Joanna's experience, group support, exquisite guidance to clear shadows that were in my way, written templates, replays of classes and wonderful bonuses that honestly provided everything I needed to be successful. My course is launching soon and before I've even opened it up, I have clients waiting to sign up! LCC is a win/win/win all around! Thank you Joanna!"

— Robyn Vogel,

"If you’re ready to take your thought leadership and turn it into powerful curriculum that delivers on your expertise in powerfully life changing ways for your clients, Joanna’s support is invaluable."

— Tara Sage, 
"I loved this course in so many ways. It brought together a wonderful group of folks committed to bringing their work to the world, guided by Joanna, a highly skilled and experienced leader in personal transformation and course creation. With Joanna's guidance and the container of support that she created I was able to create a 3 month group course and coaching curriculum that will allow my thought leadership to shine. I also wrote my sales page copy with Joanna's guidance and now I'm ready to put my course out there! Thanks so much Joanna!!"

— Kelly Melear-Hough, 

The thing that allows you to create all this?

Curriculum & Facilitation
that gets results.

Not just any curriculum that you haphazardly put together or hope will be effective. 

And not just any group facilitation that  simply gets you through your curriculum.

I’m talking about using your curriculum to express the culmination of your all of your experience, wisdom, teaching and creative expression that has brought you to this moment.

And I'm talking about Group Facilitation that is so masterful that each and every participant feels deeply held by you and the container.

Curriculum & Leadership with true substance.

Knowing how to craft your content so it doesn’t fall flat or leave people confused or stuck…  
Knowing how to NOT stay surface level, but go really deep with your participants…  
Knowing how to craft an outline that takes your clients on a sacred journey to real and lasting transformation…
Developing somatic exercises that truly CHANGE your participants on a cellular level... 

And holding deep and safe and sacred space for your participants that is penetrating & healing.

When you’ve created a Life Changing Course that you love… You literally become a different person.

You gain confidence. You can stand powerfully in the knowing that your work rocks. 

It has gravitas. And it’s changing people’s lives on a deep level.  

This is the mark of a true transformational teacher.

Marketing becomes easier. Sales become easier. And delivering outstanding results for your clients happens over & over & over again. 

Referrals to you become more routine and clients are more likely re-sign over and over again. Having excellent curriculum is the core foundational element of claiming your space as a thought leader, and of building your reputation as a teacher who provides the highest quality service.

And Life Changing Courses is going to support you to do just that.

This is not your run-of-the-mill "Create Your Course" course.

This is not about one-size-fits all templates, or cookie cutter formats, or  creating your program in a day (yes, excellent curriculum does take more time than that!).

More of the same is not what's required, especially when it comes to transformational content and curriculum.

This is about creating your work as if it were ART. This is an exercise in creativity to give a unique voice and experience to your work, so that it leaves a mark on every soul it touches.  

That’s how we roll around here. We go deep. Or we don’t go.

"’ve worked with MANY of the “top coaches” in the industry and none have compared to Joanna...When you work with Joanna you get access to ALL of her and her magic—a magic that is unlike any other and that you simply have to experience in order to comprehend its capacity."

— Lexi D'Angelo
"I am forever grateful for Joanna's wisdom and her coaching mastery. She's definitely the best of the best!"

— Christine Dyan, 
"Joanna's Life Changing Courses is by far the BEST transformational group program I've ever participated in - and I've enrolled in dozens over the past 6 years! My facilitation skills and my confidence in how I show up as a leader have improved beyond what I ever thought possible. It was the best investment of time and money I've ever made in my professional career."

— Margalit Grunberger, 

Over the course of our 13 Get-It-Done-As You-Learn weeks together...

You will learn how to create the most transformational exercises possible and craft a full curriculum based on your unique leadership...and then ACTUALLY CREATE YOUR CURRICULUM AS WELL AS LEARN TO FACILITATE WITH TRUE GRAVITAS... with tons of support & feedback from me all along the way!

Here's what you’ll receive: 

Unit one

Get Clear on Your Unique Thought Leadership & Craft a Highly Effective Curriculum

When your curriculum lacks intention and flow, your students can’t connect to the work. They end up feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied. They may have a ‘nice’ experience. But we want to create a transformative experience.  

We’ll unpack the core elements of your thought leadership and create the framework that allows your work to stand out as UNIQUE & SPECIAL, and your students to experience learning through arcs, pacing, crescendos and culmination. This will create the core teachings and content flow of your curriculum.  

You will:  

  • Uncover your unique Thought Leadership so that your work stands out (& so that you don’t fall into the trap of teaching content that is “in the ballpark” but not totally aligned)
  • ​​Understand how to take your complex content and simplify it in a way that retains its depth but doesn’t confuse
  • ​​Learn how to create teaching topics that go beyond sounding nice on paper but truly change your clients’ lives
  • ​Weave the entire experience of your curriculum into a cohesive whole that packs breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough for your participants
  • ​Learn the difference between a linear Hero's journey and a cyclical Hero's journey and how to incorporate both into your curriculum

Unit TWO

Create Experiential & Somatic Exercises that Go Deeper for Massive Transformations

Clients are done with content that doesn’t go deep. They’re sick of the “Step-by-Step” methods to ANYTHING. They’ve figured out that “Step-by-Step” doesn’t really yield results if it’s not paired with real inner work.  

Most of the content out there reaches people only on the conscious intellectual plane, where it is easily discarded by the more powerful forces at play… the heart, the body, the subconscious, and the emotions.  

When your curriculum is set up to reach ONLY one level of processing and learning, it doesn’t do the job of transforming your clients on ALL levels of processing and learning. It lacks lasting power. It fleetingly speaks to the mind without fully creating new patterns in the entire participant….and new patterns are what create the results your clients desperately long for.  

One-dimensional curriculum is good. Multi-dimensional curriculum is masterful and memorable. And in this unit you’ll create exercises to make your program stand out and create client results in Technicolor. We will cover how to create masterful group exercises that gives power back to your participants, leaving them to discover their own insights, breakthroughs and self-awareness.  

You will learn to:  

  • Craft cognitive, somatic & experiential exercises that are simple, yet massively transformative
  • ​Set up your somatic & experiential exercises for true effectiveness (there are specific elements you MUST include in the set up and ending of ANY deep exercises so that participants get what they need).
  • ​Replicate the power of your intimate 1:1 work into your group and coursework (without having to "coach" each person in the room!)
  • ​Catalyze breakthroughs via your content and your content delivery
  • Activate all 4 Levels of Learning and Processing - the Mental Level, the Emotional Level, the Spirit Level and the Body Level (these make all the difference for breakthroughs and life long learning)
  • Infuse your curriculum with exercises and practices to reach students with different learning styles


Become a Master Group Facilitator:
 Transformational, Trauma-Informed & Ethical Group Containers

Having masterful facilitation skills is KEY to creating any kind of group & transformational experience that is effective, empowering and safe. How you set up & hold the space will determine if your participants will get bored or won’t go as deep as they could, or get upset at you or others in the group.

It’s important that the way you lead engages and captivates your students from beginning to end, and that you do so in a trauma-informed way. 

We’ll build into your Life Changing Course the facilitation and container skills that keep your students happy, engaged and connected to the work to completion.

You will:

  • Create exercises & rituals to re-activate and captivate your audiences from the get-go
  • ​Learn how to get participants excited and engaged with every class
  • Master creating depth & safety in person or online
  • ​Learn to create a safe and sacred container, even before people step into the room, so that your group feels like a tight community that is ready to be open and do deep work.
  • Understand The Master Formula for Kicking Off Courses, Retreats & Workshops – why the first 45 minutes of ANY program are the MOST important for engagement, safety and vulnerability
  • Learn trauma-informed facilitation skills so that your group work is productive and ethical

Unit four

Learn how to Mitigate and Navigate Client Resistance in Groups 

Something most course creators & leaders don’t know when they start: Your participants will at some point naturally go into Resistance, not only to their goals…but to YOU.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen to facilitators over and over again. You’ve created a beautiful ritual or retreat, your clients are engaged and learning, and then all of a sudden one participant takes the group hostage. This participant has no boundaries or awareness of other people’s boundaries so she speaks for way too long, or demands more and more of your attention. She may have an inappropriate outburst or say something very offensive to someone else in the group. When this happens, it’s extremely difficult to recover without getting frustrated and entering a power struggle. We want to make sure you know how to handle this.

You will learn:

  • ​ ​How to do deep work without activating un-moveable resistance.
  • ​ ​How to get buy in from your participants and bypass eye rolling or resistance or confusion (even when you're doing spiritual or "woo" work!)
  • ​ ​How to handle participants who talk-endlessly or over-share, and do it in ways that feel empowering for them and the entire group.
  • Develop exercises to transform resistance to your content and teaching so that your students are fully open and ready to receive (if you are truly teaching your Thought Leadership, it is cutting edge, and there will be resistance to work through)
  • ​ ​What to do when a participant can't stop crying or gets physically overwhelmed by a breakthrough.
  • How to Adress the Major Archetypes of Resistance & Disruption: The Judge, The Know-It-All, The Sarcastic One, The Confused One, The Angry One, The Jester, The Victim, The Flake.​

Unit Five

Create Communities that Foster Safety, Vulnerability, and a feeling of Belonging for your participants (that they’ll never want to leave)

If you are leading a workshop, ritual, or any other transformational experience that includes a group of people, creating a strong sense of community and belonging is critical. Using your container to correct misaligned family dynamics is also key. Instead of having a “flat” workshop, you’ll create one that is engaging and transformational – where clients participate, open up, learn from you and learn from each other. Any group experience isn’t just about the leader or guide who is facilitating. It’s about everyone in the room. You need to have a solid step-by-step process for creating a sense of community that will help everyone feel welcomed, seen, and connected.

You will learn:  

  • How to bring a circle or community together immediately, create love, respect, and connection in the room (even when everyone just met for the first time 5 minutes before).
  • People always tell me I attract the most amazing people in the world (which I do), but I also facilitate to bring out the best in every person present. I’ll teach you how to do this too.
  • ​How to create more engagement, more sharing, and more vulnerability.
  • ​How to craft a community that is so tight, that part of the value of your offering is the power of the community (& they want to keep on coming back to be with each other!)
  • How to facilitate shares, check-ins and Q/As so that no one person dominates the group, speak for too long, or has the group feeling like what is being shared is irrelevant
  • ​Best practices for using the "chat" as a learning and community tool
  • How to shape and organize breakout rooms and partner exercises so that deep connection and learning take place​​​​​