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Navigating Client Resistance

a 4-SESSION Intensive TO help your clients BUST through self-sabotage, procrastination & other tough blocks

the mark of a masterful coach is co-creating excellent results with your clients...

...& in order to create results (& have clients rave about you), you need to be able to guide them beyond resistance.

Have you ever had a client that…

  • ​Started strong and motivated, then stopped doing the homework and couldn't really get back on track?
  • ​Procrastinates instead of taking the simple actions you strategized together?
  • ​Becomes uber-negative and stuck in a bad attitude for a session...or longer?
  • ​Self-sabotages JUST when she’s about to experience a life-changing shift?
  • ​Gets very confused or overwhelmed with the work you're doing for seemingly no reason?
  • ​Or, worse yet, completely “ghosted” you…just disappeared, never to be heard from again?

And then you’re left wondering (worrying…stressing!), “What the heck happened?”

Very likely, Resistance happened.

The best way to poise yourself to deliver on your promise of life-changing transformation AND become a referral magnet is to be the best of the best at moving clients through frustration, self-sabotage, and procrastination…

…aka Resistance.

You must be able to skillfully support your clients through Resistance in order to do your best work with them.

And it's not your fault if you don't know how to yet - most coach trainings don't teach how to do this. 

But it is important to learn, because....

When a client gets stuck in inaction, confusion, or frustration, it’s not enough to cross your fingers and hope things will magically shift for them.

You can’t run away from it, ignore it, or play the blame game.

As a practitioner for the last 20+ years who has worked with thousands of clients and coaches, I can tell you this for sure:

It’s not a matter of IF Resistance will come up, but WHEN.

Because Resistance is natural & normal (& often part of the growth process...if you know how to respond to it).

When Resistance arises, the only way to guide our clients so they can experience the life-changing transformation we’ve promised...

...is to deeply understand the nature of resistance & have the techniques to work with it.

That's exactly why I created the Navigating Client Resistance Training.

I'd love to share this profound work with you so that you are even more able to handle any client scenario that arises.

Regular price $650.
Early Bird Pricing available through June 3, 2024
$550 or 2 payments of $285

Paid in full $577

or 3 payments x $197

"Joanna knows what it takes to create powerful shifts in others."

— Ray Mardia
"Joanna will set you up for THE best marketing you could ever have in your business – scores of happy clients you’ve helped in ways greater than you could have ever hoped for, or imagined."

— Elizabeth Purvis
"I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna’s support."

— Christine Dyan

So, what happens when you develop the superpower of Navigating Resistance?

You create more over-the-moon-happy, referring clients that are a joy to work with 
and a perfect fit for your business.

More of your clients can’t wait to re-enroll because they know that they’re working with one of the best in the industry…and making deeper, more profound progress than ever before.

You feel new depths of joy and fulfillment after every coaching call 
knowing you’re delivering (and exceeding!) on your promise to your clients.

Your confidence in your skills prompts you to seek new opportunities to be more visible in your online (and offline!) community…you become known as an expert in your niche.

You feel the satisfaction of knowing your clients adore you and see you as “the one” 
who helped them create what they wanted for themselves.

You speak with gravitas in your marketing about the powerful mind, heart, soul, 
and Somatic shifts you’ve co-created.

And also...you learn how to work through your OWN procrastination, negativity, confusion & self-sabotage!!!


A 4-session immersive program with what you need to work with Resistance instead of fighting it. 

Here’s what you’ll learn

in our LIVE online sessions:


Befriend the Resistance Archetypes:
The Victim, The Judge, The Flake, The Procrastinator, The Confused One, and more

  • Get super clear on the psychological underpinnings of Resistance
  • ​Understand the vital difference between Resistance and Fear, and when to work with each (this is KEY)
  • Learn the profile, origins, and belief systems of each of the Resistance Archetypes (you’ll get an intimate understanding of The Victim, The Judge, The Flake, The Procrastinator, The Confused One, The Needy One, The Spiritual One, The Overwhelmed One, The Jokester and more)
  • Get the EXACT series of coaching questions in order to start befriending and disarming each of the resistance archetypes (each archetype has there own script, & these scripts alone are game-changers for your work)
  • Gain life changing insight as you explore and befriend your OWN Resistance Archetypes
  • ​Use the Resistance Archetypes to minimize shame


Transmute the Shadow of Resistance 
into Motivation & Inspiration through 
Somatic Work

(for your clients...& for yourself!)

  •  Learn about the nature of Jungian Shadow and how the Resistance Archetypes embody this (this understanding alone will massively change the way you live your life and approach your clients)
  • ​ Master how to help clients have massive breakthroughs around their life long resistance patterning 
  • ​Learn a powerful & potent Somatic technique to help your clients disrupt their obstacles, and find deeper empowerment in the most misunderstood parts of themselves
  • ​Start to shift your OWN life-long patterns of procrastination and self-sabotage through a special self-coaching resistance technique


Master Your Practitioner Energetics...
to Navigate Your Own Archetypes & Trauma Responses to Client Resistance

  •  Powerfully manage your own trauma responses to client resistance so that you stop going into fight, flight, freeze or faun (i.e.blaming, getting annoyed, becoming scared or feeling not-good-enough) when your clients show up in resistance
  • Get clear on exactly when a client is ready to shift resistance...and on when the resistance is out of scope for your practice
  • ​​Learn how to embody true love and acceptance, even when your client is at their worst...and see how this can catalyze deep transformation for your client and for yourself
  • ​Master a 3-step shortcut to address resistance on the spot (this is solid gold for laser coaching and group work!)
  • ​Get all the components to setting 1:1 and group containers that minimize resistance from the get-go
  • Learn cutting-edge Journaling & Visualization practices for helping clients (& yourself!) go further break the cycle of resistance, procrastination or inaction


Moving Beyond Resistance:
Support Clients Into Aligned Action 
for Long Lasting Change

  • Learn the technique for how to Strategize aligned action with clients once they’ve worked on the Shadow of their Resistance
  • ​Receive important tools for holding a container of self-accountability so that your clients can have big WINS as they move forward from resistance into aligned action
  • Understand the Process of Change that all humans must go through in order to create long lasting shifts (every practitioner needs this for client success)
  • ​Get a whole treasure trove of pointers on how to co-create mental shifts, heart-level shifts, soul-level shifts, and somatic-level shifts with clients (you can apply these pointers to EVERY COACHING SESSION you lead)
  • Learn the Build the Energy Muscle technique that gives you and your clients access to the exact type of energy you need, when you need it

Regular price $650
Early Bird Pricing available through June 3, 2024
$550 or 2 payments of $285

Paid in full $577

or 3 payments x $197

As practitioners of integrity, it’s essential for us to use an ethical, trauma-informed approach to helping our clients navigate their Resistance.

Too many practitioners out there haven’t learned how to respond to client resistance with integrity, with true care, and with a trauma-informed lens and perspective. Without this, clients plummet into shame around their blocks and behaviors.

In everything we do at Applied Depth, and in the Navigating Client Resistance Training Intensive, you learn a trauma-informed coaching approach to transformation and to meeting your clients exactly where they are at.

This is THE most powerful way to address resistance.
And the most empowering way to be with our clients.

“Everything about working with clients feels lighter now, because of how much deeper I’ve learned to take them."

Sacred Depths takes an honest and real approach to the art and science of transformational coaching. The principles, philosophies, and frameworks that Joanna teaches have elevated my soul work and my coaching presence, leading to transformative client results and connections, and a deeper belief in my vision and purpose. Joanna shares and teaches so generously and offers the best to her students and the industry as a whole. Everything about working with clients feels lighter now, because of how much deeper I’ve learned to take them. I’m so grateful for Joanna’s guidance and support. Through Sacred Depths, I’ve evolved as a practitioner and have way more trust in my path as an embodied leader and creator.

— Gloria Eid

Your Bonuses

BONUs #1

Effectively Address Resistance
 in your Marketing for More Sales

VALUE: $295

Ever have a prospect that ghosted you?

Or someone who was so excited to step into working with you and then...put off making the deposit for weeks...or months...or longer? 

The Victim, The Judge, The Confused One, The Procrastinator and more are bound to show up when prospects are considering working with you. This is because Resistance is a symptom of fear, and fear in a natural experience when an individual is considering investing their time, money and energy into achieving a goal (aka, working with YOU!).

In this recorded bonus module, we’ll add to everything you've already learned in the program & get deep into how and when Resistance shows up for prospects, and how to navigate that resistance with specific tools and tips for your sales conversations, your preview presentations, your email campaigns and your marketing materials.

BONUs #2

A Gift Ticket & Full Access to
The Art of Client Transformation 
Virtual Retreat

Value: $297

A 3-Day Virtual Event to Create Deeper Breakthroughs, Lasting Transformation & Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans. Creating Real Change with our clients requires Real Leadership.

Skills. Practice. Experience. Confidence. And a willingness to journey through the Shadows.

Being a transformational practitioner is an honor… and a responsibility.

The Art of Client Transformation is a 3-DAY Immersion for Practitioners who are called to do the deepest level work of human change and transformation.

This Retreat is an Intimate, Experiential EXPERIENCE where you won’t just learn with your “mind” - you’ll learn and transform with your heart and somatically, with your body. Massive a-has will bring you to tears. Heart-Opening Breakthroughs will help realign your entire perspective.

Transformation will be palpable in each and every moment.

The dates of the retreat are September 25 - 27. More details coming soon!

BONUs #3

Extensive Coaching Scripts 
& Question Sequences

VAlue: priceless

While I am a HUGE advocate of coaching the what based on the WHO, and not using cookie cutter techniques, I also know that having scripts to work off of & adapt is a game changer when you’re learning a new skill. 

As part of the program, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of scripts and resource sheets to support you in accessing the most powerful language to support your clients through their toughest resistance. This will become a resource that you refer to for years to come!

At the end of our time together, you’ll have a potent toolbox of knowledge, new understanding, techniques, and practical exercises to implement right away so you can instantly recognize the type of Resistance that’s creeping in and address it with skill and confidence.

No more getting caught like a deer in headlights when a client is stuck.

No more worrying that your work isn’t powerful enough.

No more wasting session time going round & round in circles.

No more secretly blaming your clients or yourself because they're not moving forward.

No more knowing in your heart that you’re not delivering the best results you can deliver. 

We cannot take our clients any deeper than we have been willing to go ourselves. We cannot support our client to leverage their own Resistance if we haven’t learned how to leverage our own. In this potent training, you will not only receive life-changing techniques to work with clients, you will go on your OWN paradigm shifting journey to transmute your own Resistance.

Regular price $650
Early Bird Pricing available through June 3, 2024
$550 or 2 payments of $285

Paid in full $577

or 3 payments x $197

"My clients now regularly rave about their sessions and send me emails afterwards saying how helpful they were." 

— Monica Shah
"My coaching practice has nearly doubled in size in the twelve months since I signed-up, without additional marketing efforts. I’ve raised my fees, clients are booking for longer engagements and renewals, when appropriate, happen naturally." 

— Rachel Marsden
"I am coaching much more masterfully. I feel so much more confident calling out resistances and fears. This results in more powerful results & being able to go much deeper with clients in a shorter amount of time."

— Tanya Dantus

Let's get you started:

In this Comprehensive Training 
You Receive: 

  • FOUR 2-hour LIVE Training Sessions + Q/A Time to ask Joanna anything
  • ​Private Facebook Group to Connect + Ask Joanna Questions in between Sessions
  • ​Bonus #1: Effectively Address Resistance in Your Marketing
  • ​Bonus #2: Gift ticket to 3-day Art of Client Transformation (virtual)
  • ​Bonus #3: Comprehensive Scripts, Templates & Resource Sheets

Our Schedule 

Our 4 training sessions are delivered LIVE by Joanna - they are content rich and highly experiential and interactive. You will also do your own powerful inner work as we move through our sessions together.

We encourage you to participate live, but if you are not able to, you will receive each session recording within hours of each session.

  • Monday, June 10: 2- 4 pm EST
  • Monday, June 17: 2- 4 pm EST
  • Monday, June 24: 2- 4 pm EST
  • Wednesday, ​​June 26: 2- 4 pm EST