Coach your clients to...

overcome blocks, procrastination & resistance (& reach more Goals!)

Understand the psychology behind why clients “stay stuck” and discover how to turn their resistance & self sabotage into your greatest superpower as a transformational expert!

Let's improve the ways we help our clients with Stuck-ness, Blocks, Resistance & Self Sabotage...

(in order to better serve our clients, & in order to grow our businesses through raving fans and referrals)

What we don't often realize as coaches is that when clients are stuck, meaning they're not taking the action steps they agreed to or procrastinating or they're not moving forward in their work, it's usually because they're struggling with an internal Resistance that they might not be aware of.

How do we, as transformational practitioners respond when Resistance takes hold of our beloved clients? How do we navigate self sabotage, procrastination & resistance in our own lives? 

These are the questions we’ll be exploring together in this guide. If you deeply desire to facilitate human change - and to turn clients into happy customers who reach their goals - then you must cozy up to Resistance. 

In this powerful guide you’ll discover how to: 

  • Instantly recognize Resistance when a client is hiding behind it (it can often be tricky and look like something else!)
  • ​Discover which of the FIVE Resistance Archetypes have come to stop your client on their journey to transformation & desired results
  • ​Cultivate a new relationship with your own resistance so that you can stand in leadership, move your goals forward and walk your talk. 

“I left my corporate job, started my own coaching business and made $275K in the first year of working with Joanna! In my second year working with her I made $425K.”

— Rachel L. Rider

"Joanna is Masterful at generating a space where others experience themselves as seen, heard, and loved. Joanna’s commitment to generating mastery in others leads to an opportunity for others to experience themselves as extraordinary in the midst of living in their ordinary lives. "

— Heather Lawrence

"Joanna will set you up for the BEST marketing you could ever have in your business - scores of happy clients you've helped in ways greater you could ever have hoped for or imagined"

— Elizabeth Purvis


Joanna Lindenbaum

Joanna is the master coach’s coach. She is the founder of the Applied Depth Institute & the Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Certification, which trains practitioners to hold the deepest transformational tools with safety and integrity. She’s trained facilitators, coaches and spiritual teachers for over 20 years, and worked with many of the biggest names in the coaching industry to deepen their skills and client outcomes. 

She is a stand for depth & integrity in the field of personal growth and transformation.