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World-class training for
coaches, therapists & leaders who are
committed to Integrity & Lasting Client Results:

Sacred Depths

Transformational Practitioner Certification


When You  Activate True Transformation in Your Clients' Lives...
You Powerfully Grow Your Business,
& Step Into Your Greatest Purpose


There are those of us who know we must go DEEPER...

& elevate coaching to a profound, transformative experience.

To rise above the noise of "good" service to total excellence
To look your clients in the eye, knowing you can handle their deepest fears & resistances, and deliver on your promise to help them experience something new... something better.


These days, very few practitioners STAND OUT for helping their clients create stellar results and REAL CHANGE:

  • ​If you are nervous about clients being stuck in procrastination or self-sabotage, and then getting upset with you...  
  • ​​If you want to become a coach, but are worried about your ability to co-create real change...and go beyond the surface of their patterns & fears...
  • ​If you are struggling with client retention, & frustrated that clients aren't satisfied enough or renewing...
  • ​If you're only able to activate breakthroughs or progress sometimes with clients, and worry when you can't...
  • If you haven't yet been trained to work somatically, and sense that it's limiting your impact...
  • ​If your work and business are good... but you know you are meant to be exceptional...

This invitation is for YOU...

Sacred Depths teaches you to go deeper with clients...

To  support clients through their toughest blocks,
and to activate knock-their-socks off transformation.

If you are already working with clients, through Sacred Depths you can expect to create:

If you haven't yet trained or worked with clients, through Sacred Depths you can expect to build:

If you long for a transformational business which is

Sustainable, Impactful, and Deeply Resonant

with clients who feel your work together is MAGICAL,
and recommend you whole-heartedly to everyone they know...

...Then you MUST become masterful at transformation.

Creating Powerful Results with client is the ULTIMATE 
Marketing & Business Success Strategy:

You don’t need to over-promise; your results speak for themselves. 

You are more poised to be sought out for the results you co-create.
You feel more confident & authentic in raising your rates or 
becoming more visible and bold in your marketing.  

I would be honored to teach you to become
an EXTRAORDINARY practitioner.

"This program is a must on the path to become excellent and masterful as a coach."

I’ve been a full-time coach for 13 years now. Each year I have a constant drive to get better, go deeper and learn more about my clients.
The Sacred Depths Coaching Program gave me more tools to recognize my client’s fears and resistance, and to help them walk through them. I’ve become a better coach and gotten out of ruts that I didn’t even know I was in. My clients now regularly rave about their sessions and send me emails afterwards saying how helpful they were. This program is a must on the path to become excellent and masterful as a coach.

— Monica Shah, Business Coach

"I have grown immeasurably from participating in the Sacred Depths Coaching course."

Before the course I had a lot of self-doubt -- I had internal 'knowing' but the doubt sprang from not knowing how to use that knowing and how to interact in the world with it, as a whole part of me. Because my 'wiring' is so in line with the underlying basis and assumptions of what you teach, AND because the course gives me an exceptionally practical way for bringing the teachings out into the world, I now feel truly whole and strong. I get to claim something that has always been a part of me and feel there is a place for me professionally as I am in the world. This is a precious floor of confidence. I'm integrating at a heart level and in the last few weeks, I've been able to speak up more and be seen more as who I am in groups. That is a shift.
— Monisha Mittal



Surface-level approaches yield mediocre results, because clients are quite adept at avoiding their own truths and resisting change. Without the skills to uncover what lies beneath & change pattern, practitioners often find themselves frustrated and doubting their abilities when faced with client resistance and stuckness.

The good news: we can do BETTER

With over 20 years dedicated to mastering transformational leadership, I've led hundreds of retreats, workshops, and seminars, guiding thousands through life-changing experiences. And I have been training coaches, therapists and facilitators for over a decade as well.    

I am proud to share that my clients credit our work together as some of the most profound and life-defining work they have ever done. 

They tell me that the experience I lead them through is of higher quality than anything else out there. They thank me for guiding them to achieve their most desired goals, and perhaps more importantly: to become more of whom they are meant to be.

My success with clients has allowed me to feel satisfied, connected to my brilliance, and knowing I am living out my sacred mission in the world. It has also has generated more income for me through clients re-signing and telling their friends than I ever thought possible.

“During Sacred Depths I sold my first two 6-month VIP programs for four figures with so much ease. And both clients have renewed.”

Being a part of Sacred Depths has changed me as a practitioner and a business woman from the inside out. During Sacred Depths, I became so much clearer on who I am as a practitioner and how I am truly meant to serve. During Sacred Depths I also sold my first two 6-month VIP programs for four figures with so much ease. And both clients have renewed!

— Elana Bell

“I’m forever changed and deeply grateful.”

I’m so GRATEFUL for my Sacred Depth’s experience. Joanna is Masterful at generating a space where others experience themselves as seen, heard, and loved.

 As a result of Sacred Depths, I’ve generated close to $35,000 of additional income in the last 6 months. I’m forever changed and deeply grateful.

— Heather Lawrence

And...my clients and students also
create these ROCKSTAR results

They thank me over and over for training them to become truly exceptional at human transformation.

My students are coaches and psychotherapists and yoga instructors and intuitives, and business mentors and transformational speakers and real estate agents and massage therapists and and beyond. 

Some have just begun and others are very experienced practitioners.

But here’s what they all have in common – through my mentorship….    

My clients bring the house down in their 1:1 sessions, and at their retreats and workshops.    

They have raving fans.

My students are known as exceptional practitioners & wise mentors.

Their client rosters grow naturally because their reputations precede them. They know how to handle any client situation with ease. 

I share all this with you because becoming a truly transformational practitioner is not optional if you want to have a thriving, impactful business
that you feel amazing about.

Most practitioners these days have not been taught how to become masterful coaches. 

And you aren’t simply born being Extraordinary (even if you’re a “natural”). 

The only way to become masterful is to learn how. Most practitioner trainings out there don’t teach the “secret sauce” to go from good or great to absolutely exceptional. 

"I can't recommend this course enough!"

Sacred Depths Coaching has made me a better listener, more present to my clients and myself as a coach and helped me facilitate some amazing internal breakthroughs and transformations almost immediately. It has helped me create the invaluable internal infrastructure for my coaching and group programs that was sorely missing. Joanna's work is a gift and business booster....and she is an ever generous, present and wise guide through the whole process. I can't recommend this course enough!   

— Cara Jones

"The work you're doing is deeply important. I recommend you and this course to anyone who wants to elevate their game by going deeper." 

So much gratitude to you for modeling excellence, compassion and ritual, Joanna.

I've been coaching for 17 years, but was drawn to your program to find ways to go even deeper with my clients—beyond business strategy. As things like this go, I learned a lot about myself too.   

The work you're doing is deeply important. I recommend you and this course to anyone who wants to elevate their game by going deeper.   

Thank you.   

— Carolyn Herfurth

Sacred Depths will teach you
how to become Extraordinary and
Activate Profound Client Satisfaction


Being an Extraordinary Practitioner & Growing a Thriving Business

Through this paradigm-shifting, life and business changing journey, you will become an EXCEPTIONAL coach & facilitator of human transformation - as well as radically transform your relationship to yourself - by learning the 4 Foundations of Coaching Mastery

Deep Understanding of Human Nature & Client Behavior

It is vital to intimately understand the nuances of client behaviors, responses, and patterns… understand how humans create protection mechanisms and projections and resistances and beyond. It is vital to have a deep understanding of fight/flight/freeze/fawn reactions and more.

Sacred Depths is the only practitioner program that will extensively train you in the range of human tendencies, human responses, human archetypal behavior and human belief systems, as well as how dominant culture AND personal histories impact it all.

Masterful Coaching & Somatic Transformation Skills

You thoroughly learn the basic, advanced and Advanced-Advanced skills, techniques and tools to become the most effective practitioners you can be.

Even if your Coaching Skills are already phenomenal, Sacred Depths will take them to whole new level of mastery that will have your clients feeling like the work you do together is magic.

You master the skills through interactive training calls, practice sessions with feedback, and lots of modelling opportunities.

Personal Mastery, Energetics &

To go deeper with clients, and to help them regulate even in the face of fear and the messiness of life, you must work through your own fears & Shadows, look at your own belief systems, challenge your own habits and patterns, and be aware of your own trauma responses.

You can only take your clients as far as you have gone yourself. Period.

The work we do together in this certification program will change YOU forever. You will come to know yourself in ways you never thought possible, and transform behaviors and patterns that have long stood in your way.

Business & Marketing Mastery

Business Mastery is NOT about the latest & greatest “funnel fad". 

It is about rock solid communication with those that are meant to work with you. It’s about effective & in-integrity sales conversations.

It’s about knowing how to speak & write to the souls of your ideal client. It’s about being brilliant in how you share your thought leadership. It’s about asking the right questions that pique interest. It’s about knowing how to address resistance. And it’s about owning your confidence so deeply that all of your marketing materials radiate with magnetism.

Every single module of this training helps you with business skills so that you can grow your business in sustainable, ethical ways. 

"Although I am an experienced coach, I’ve never experienced such a broad and rich curriculum as in the Sacred Depths Program."

This training has enriched me with knowledge, skills and wisdom I’ve never found in any coaching program before and has made me feel proud to be a professional coach.The difference for my clients is that I go beyond the surface level, dare to bring them my wisdom on all learning levels by questioning them on all kind of topics, not afraid of touching the dark parts. I can help them befriend their fear, touch the negative patterns, and lead them on their path to make powerful choices in their lives.   

I’ve learned not to hide anymore but to trust myself as a professional coach that I can handle all kinds of situations.

— Nicole Offenberg

When you can confidently co-create better results with your clients,

Your Marketing Becomes More Powerful.

Word of mouth about you is more likely to spread like wildfire. 

You are more poised to be sought out for the results you co-create. 

You feel more confident & authentic in raising your rates or 
becoming more visible and bold in your marketing.   

“I now have more time, money and freedom to create more of the work that I love.”

When I stepped into Sacred Depths, I had a successful bodywork practice that had evolved over 13 years and was ready for a major shift. I knew I was being called to change the way I worked, but was uncertain how to make the transition. I knew my skills for co-creating deep and profound healing experiences were excellent, and yet there was another step I was ready to take as a practitioner. In Sacred Depths I was given even more permission to trust my intuition and allow my client’s wisdom to lead the session.

I found there was enough structure to learn something new, while being spacious enough for me to weave in the medicine, skills and tools I had already cultivated. I was able to completely transform my practice, without it ever feeling like I had to start from scratch.

I now have more time, money and freedom to create more of the work that I love. 

— Tele Darden

“Sacred Depths is one of the best investments in myself and my practice that I've ever made.”

— Beth Conroy

"The program skyrocketed by confidence & changed my life.” 

Sacred Depths provided a beautiful container for upleveling my confidence as a Coach (truly, it even helped me in claiming the title of "Coach" in my work).
When I started Sacred Depths my business offerings were running as 85% "acupuncturist" and 15% "coach" - with a clear intention to balance that out more.
I'm thrilled to say that my business is now more like 60/40 acupuncture/coaching AND I've even had many of my acupuncture clients convert to coaching clients because they are so floored by my skills and the results they receive! New clients now roll in with more eagerness and my sales conversations are converting with much less effort. This program skyrocketed my confidence and changed my life. I am forever grateful and look forward to the next opportunity to train with Joanna. 

— Erin Borbet

"It was one of the best decisions I've made both for myself, my business and my clients...It's truly been an amazing experience and I feel so much more confident in myself after completing the training. And Sacred Depths is a program that just keeps on giving long after the training is done."

— Gregg Berman

The Benefits of Becoming a

Sacred Depths Practitioner

  • A Sacred Depths Practitioner knows how to hold deep sacred space for clients to become more self-aware, more regulated, and more ready to take action.
  • ​​A Sacred Depths Practitioner doesn’t flinch when clients encounter obstacles, but knows exactly how to navigate them through it.
  • ​​A Sacred Depths Practitioner teaches in ways that the growth actually sticks permanently instead of falling away as soon as their client leaves the session.
  • A Sacred Depths Practitioner holds deep wisdom about human nature and life, and masterfully teaches it 
  • A Sacred Depths Practitioner is ethical & in integrity; they know how to handle client projections, and how NOT to project on clients;
  • They know how to not be afraid when big emotions come up (& to look forward to it!).  
  • ​A Sacred Depths Practitioner is a person who is AUTHENTIC, someone who themself shifts, heals and transforms as they step more into who they are as a leader.
  • ​​​A Sacred Depths Practitioner is a guide, a teacher, a coach, whose clients remember her, whose clients and audiences have immense gratitude and love for, whose clients credit as one of the main reasons they are as successful as they are, and whose clients and audiences talk about and refer to others.
  • ​A Sacred Depths Practitioner knows how to work with their OWN fears, patterns, and limiting behaviors; how to hold themselves through their own deep inner work.

"This work and training will put you light years ahead of most transformational practitioners.” 

The inner shifts I've been able to experience alone because of how deeply we engaged with shadow, fear, and resistance have given me the personal tools to face and befriend my demons rather than to be in constant turmoil with them - no longer letting them stop me in my tracks. I have been able to move internal mountains this year alone.  

I've launched my coaching company just 4 months after starting Sacred Depths and have filled half my practice in 5 short months. I am gearing up to launch a group program and I have the confidence to go out in the world and hold space for people I barely know, but deeply know I can transform, help, and return them to their own power, brilliance and inner wisdom. The ripples of this work will never stop. My colleagues in my mastermind have already commented on the breadth, depth, and clarity of my energy and skills 

Anyone who practices transformational sales and is called to inner work, this program will transform your practice, your work, your world, and your life.  

— Lea Artis 

Sacred Depths is the potent blend of
Trauma Informed & Evidence-Based Coaching Skills,
Spiritual Wisdom,
Human Psychology,
Somatic Transformation Techniques,
Shadow Reclamation,
& Ritual Secrets that you've been looking for.


Master the Art of Deep Transformation

  • Stand out as a transformational coach who is known for creating world-class results for participants and clients
  • Discover exactly how to develop questions that creates breakthroughs and deep learning
  • ​​Understand exactly how to lead clients powerfully instead of losing clients and confidence because of mistakes and misfires
  • ​​Instead of spending years trying to figure this out for yourself, I’m going to hand over my decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience in human behavior and transformational skills so you can create real and long-lasting change with your clients
  • ​​Learn how to Re-Wire Negative Thought Patterns so that clients don't continue to stay stuck in old habits
  • ​​Understand how to approach client work and go deep from a totally trauma-informed perspective.
  • Create a new relationship with Perfectionism, one that creates freedom & flow...and be able to support your clients to do so as well.
  • ​Get yourself & your clients off the Wheel of Self-Sabotage
  • Stop projecting old family dynamics onto your clients... and support clients to break out of their sabotaging family dynamics
  • ​​Get lovingly thanked by your clients over and over again for the incredible work that they have done with you
  • ​​Receive more referrals from existing clients to your private & group work + receive repeat business over and over again
  • ​Create more group engagement and more feelings of belonging and sharing in your workshops
  • ​​Know exactly what to do if your client has a meltdown – and how to turn it around for growth and learning 
  • ​Learn how to create accountability so your clients don’t lose steam or interest (as well as accountability for yourself & your business!)
  • ​​On a personal level, you’ll learn how to powerfully attune to the seasons, honor yourself more deeply than ever before, and connect with your most authentic self (all of which are 100% necessary to masterfully coach). 
  • ​​Know exactly how to handle The Judge, The Victim, The Know It All, The Procrastinator, The Flake & many other personas your clients can get caught in.

"The content Joanna presented in the training was worth its weight in gold, but the manner in which she did so is where the magic lies."

What I am most excited about after participating in the Sacred Depths Coach Training is the confidence I now feel that I can help my clients through whatever blocks and obstacles may come up for them (fear, limiting beliefs, old wounds). Before this training, I had lots of “Coaching Tools” from my previous coach training (ICF Certified – 18 month training), but what was missing for me was the deep inner work I needed to experience myself before I could guide my clients through it. I personally had a transformational experience during my time with Joanna. My clients know on a very deep level that I’ve done the “work” that they now benefit from doing themselves!  

When I start a session now, I feel a sense of calm, instead of nervousness, because I know I have been through what they are experiencing and can help them navigate it so that they can cultivate the confidence they want for themselves.

If you are considering the Sacred Depths, my recommendation, is “Stop looking and take the leap!” You won’t regret it, I promise! I wish I had found Joanna before my first training!

— Lisa Liljeberg
— Sarah Van Hoy, PhD
— Annelise Pesa
— Emily Golden
— Altagracia Felix
— Jennifer Kittredge

This is meant for very smart, very evolved
new & seasoned practitioners
who desire to be


The Foundation Level

The Foundational Competencies are explored over a powerful FIVE MONTH journey. 


Foster Powerful Client Relationships & Embody Potent Energetics

The foundation of any highly effective coaching, healing or supporting is the Client Relationship AND in the Energetics that the Practitioner embodies. If the relationship isn’t solid and strong, and if your Energetics aren't aligned, the coaching and the opportunity for results will never really take off. That’s because the Client Relationship is what establishes trust, vulnerability, willingness to take risks, regulation, and so much more. 

No matter how evolved you are, if you don’t do the inner work necessary to be an incredible coach, teacher and mentor, your ego is going to get in the way. Your judgments are going to get in the way. Your own self-doubts and fears are going to get in the way. You will not operate out of integrity and with a commitment to equity. You need to know how to navigate all of this so that you can come to the coaching relationship clean, clear and open. Most coach trainings don’t teach about Energetics and relationships, but in Sacred Depths this is a core, foundational piece that everything else is built upon.