Sacred Rhythms™

The Ancient & Powerful System for Creating Success, Meaning and Sustainability... your business, relationships, work, creative projects, personal projects and more!

There is “the way” that we are "supposed" to respond to challenges, problems and obstacles in our business & life (according to expectation & logic)...

And then there is “The Sacred Way"

The way Wise Women leverage the very energies of LIFE to allow what IS to be fruitful.

Wisdom guides us to follow the path of least resistance.

To protect ourselves from reactivity, clinging, fighting the flow and misaligned decisions.

But the quiet of wisdom is often drowned out by the noise of fearful voices, false expectations, social trappings, & outdated survival instincts.

When there is a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome, a difficult decision to be made, or an opportunity to harness... 

We forget how to listen intently for the information that lies far deeper, & how to leverage the gold in front of us.

Creating repetitive patterns of behavior, indecisiveness, effort and resistance. 

We self sabotage. We react instead of respond. Or we freeze, and do nothing. 

This is an invitation to DO & BE differently. 
To access the innate wisdom of the natural cycles of LIFE, by...

Embracing The Sacred Rhythms™

Anything in life... any relationship, project, aspect of business... 

Unfolds in a pattern that revolves in natural cycles.

This is because we are deeply connected to the cycles of the earth.

This goes beyond planting, growing, harvesting, reaping… spring, summer, autumn and winter (although accurate, this is too simplistic). Because everything has its own seasons. 

Everything has a (new) beginning, a time for growing/watering/nurturing, a time to harvest/celebrate/ acknowledge , and, finally, a time of letting go & regenerating into the next cycle. 

Cycles can happen many times over the course of a project, offering, client contract, business, relationship, health goal, personal goal or journey. In this potent program, you’ll discover tools for being consistent and persistent... when that is what is required. And tools for being quiet and surrendered… when that is what is required. 

You’ll know how to know. And you'll know how to take aligned action.

The more in tune you are to the phases of your business projects & aspects of your life, the easier things become. 

Decisions become. Actions become. Flow becomes. Creation becomes. You’ll experience knowing how to make the most of what IS though your powerful connection to earth based rhythms in your business and your life.

When you discover how to apply the Sacred Rhythms™ 
to your business (and your life!) you’ll experience:

  • Deeper connection to your own inner wisdom
  • ​Deeper connection to the Universal cycles
  • ​Deeper connection to the earth
  • ​More flow & ease in your life
  • ​Less fear & anxiety
  • Better relationships with family, friends, clients & colleagues
  • ​Deeper Confidence in your work & ideas
  • ​Less fighting against the flow
  • Empowerment & embodied trust in your actions
  • ​​Deeper Self-love and Self-compassion
  • ​​Clarity through confusion
  • ​​Stop sleepwalking through life & transcend the surface trappings of modern living
  • Courage to let go of the clients, offerings, and rates that no longer serve
  • ​​Ability to earn more with less resistance
  • ​​More permission to rest when rest is needed
  • ​​Motivation to get aligned things done
  • Know when to move and when to stay put
  • ​​Activate flow in your marketing
  • ​​More productive personal and health habits
  • ​​Become a better steward of the earth and more authentic & wise leader
  • ​​Increased creativity
  • ​​​A deepened spiritual practice
  • ​​More successful projects & launches
  • ​​​Clarity on the right moments to start new projects or habits

"The tools I have received are allowing me to tap into my wisdom and with so much love and confidence to direct my clients to find the right answers for them inside them.”

—Elinor Miller,

"Because of my work with Joanna, I have stepped wholly into my power and claiming my vision for the world."

—Lea Artis, Mystic, Coach, Alchemist to High Achievers,

Sacred Rhythms™

Welcome to Your Journey into Deeper Connection with the Natural Cycles of Life

We will spend four weeks together accessing each of the energies of the four cycles of life… 

Going well beyond the surface level understandings of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall… into life-changing embodiment of Archetypal Energies. 

You’ll learn not only how to read the cycle & natural energy of each project, problem, challenge or relationship but also innately know how & have the courage & confidence to respond given where the energy is presenting… More importantly, you’ll have this new tool in your proverbial medicine bag as you do your work as a coach, healer, spiritual teacher or mentor… 

You’ll be able to guide your own clients to these tools & Archetypal energies, so that they have more personal empowerment, less reactivity and greater results through your work together.

The Four Cycles & Energies we will navigate:


Embody the The Destroyer

(Winter/Releasing/The Crone):

In our society, we think of Destruction as negative, anti-productive, harmful, and wrong. There is nothing farther from the truth. The Destroyer is only negative when it is misused or in the Shadows. When we are able to take The Destroyer out of the shadows, we can harness its energy for peace, productivity, health, and new creations.

  • Cleanly let go of what needs to be let go of right now: habits, patterns, clients, old programs, relationships, etc
  • ​Stop clinging to the past so that you can more clearly vision the future
  • ​Clean house (metaphorically and literally) in order to make way for the new
  • Become a better steward of the Earth by treading more lightly
  • ​​​Embrace the Mystery so that you can move through uncertainty with peace and wisdom
  • ​Grieve in healthy ways
  • Release what no longer serves & what’s weighing you down so that it doesn’t wreak havoc or hold us back
  • ​Generate more self-permission to pause, rest & incubate
  • ​Learn coaching and transformation tools & strategies to support your clients to activate The Destroyer
  • ​Learn strategies to support your clients through the grief that is being brought up collectively right now
  • Step out of the Destroyer's Shadow side so you don’t inadvertently destroy & sabotage the things our life & work that you don’t want to


Embody the The Fool 

(Spring/Initiation/The Maiden):

One of the biggest obstacles in our way of initiating the projects, relationships and habits that we deeply desire is… being jaded by experience (past success & perceived failure)! The energy of The Fool is a powerful antidote to support us in being open, excited and ready to plant new seeds that are ready to be planted.

  • Get clear on what new beginnings and projects are ready to be born
  • ​Let go of ego expectations so that you can clearly see what the gift & opportunity of the moment is
  • ​Step into the present moment fully and with openness
  • ​Generate confidence, courage and motivation to start anew or unveil projects you've been too scared to launch
  • ​Plant new seeds even though you haven’t mastered what the seeds are yet or even know what’s next
  • Activate the power of Visioning so that you can see into what is going to happen next for yourself & your community
  • Bring a beginners mind to those things that need it so that you don’t bring old ideology/beliefs/structures to things that need innovation
  • Get clarity on why you’ve been holding yourself back from initiating your most sacred projects
  • Get clear on your particular “planting” style so that you don’t waste time starting new things in ways that don’t work for you
  • Learn coaching and transformation tools & strategies to support your clients to activate The Fool & aligned beginnings
  • ​Learn strategies to support your clients through the fear of starting new things
  • ​Cultivate curiosity and joy


Embody the The Lover

(Summer/Growth/The Mother):

Projects and relationships cannot truly grow if we approach them with exhaustion, disconnection, false expectations, or “shoulds.” Learning how to embody The Lover powerfully transforms stale, boring and abandoned dreams into products of the heart that we are easily able to give patience, focus, and attention.

  • Get clear on which projects, aspect of your business and life that were already started require deeper focus and attention
  • ​Generate the resilience to nurture those things that are meant to grow right now 
  • ​Embody the energy of persistence and consistency for the projects, relationships and things that are in a growth phase
  • Activate love and passion in your heart for the projects that are meant to endure even in these trying times
  • Uncover a deeper level of desire in your work and life
  • ​​Learn coaching strategies to support your clients to be more accountable to their projects and goals
  • Access a deeper level of Nurturance for yourself, your projects, and the Earth
  • Move past the obstacles that hold you back from showing up with your full presence from the things you want to grow
  • ​Get clear on your personal “growth” style so that you don't get stuck growing projects & relationships in ways that hold you back
  • Discover coaching and transformation tools & strategies to support your in being more accountable to their desires
  • ​​Find deeper levels of love with those around you
  • ​​​Cultivate Aligned Patience


Embody the The Sovereign

(Autumn/Harvesting/The Queen):

In our society, we have placed so much emphasis on creating and producing that we have lost the sacred, Feminine art of Receiving and Harvesting. Through this disconnect, we have also lost our deepest ability to own our own brilliance, to feel joy in all we’ve created & have been given, and to accurately assess what is working and what is not. Embodying The Sovereign reconnects us to all of this and more.

  • Assess where you need to pivot and shift in your projects, and where we need to stay the course
  • Uncover the hidden strengths and resources baked into your projects that you can better leverage for success
  • Learn the true meaning of Harvest and how to stop wasting resources & leaving opportunities on the table
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude and celebration
  • Finally believe, own, and express your true mastery & brilliance
  • Feel confident even when things are falling apart
  • Step more fully into into who you are as a leader
  • ​Re-frame and Re-utilize perceived failures for future success
  • Learn coaching and transformation tools & strategies to support your clients to activate The Sovereign
  • Discover how to support your clients to root into their own leadership
  • Have more direct access to the abundance that surrounds you

 The Sacred Rhythms™ Method has transformed hundreds of lives & businesses, and it will transform yours as well

The reason I am so passionate about Sacred Rhythms is not only because I’ve seen it totally shift the experience and outcomes for so many clients… but also because I live according to this wisdom every moment of every day. 

I am a student of the seasons and a daughter of the earth, and I apply every bit of this knowledge and knowing and energy to every aspect of my business and my life… and enjoy the results. 

Sacred Rhythms has been a trusted guide in helping me to pivot my already successful business to be more in my zone of genius and become even more successful. 

It’s guided me to know which offerings to pursue and which offerings to let go. 

It’s supported me in creating a lifestyle where I can have a remarkable business while also having the freedom to rest when needed.

It has given me the courage to move from my family in New Jersey to new adventures in North Carolina (where I am meant to be in this phase of life).

It has provided the confidence to stand up strong and expressed for the messages I wish to communicate… and it has helped me let go of relationships I was clinging onto.

Most importantly, Sacred Rhythms has helped me trust myself and find a much more compassionate & honor-filled way of moving through life. And detach from the trappings of “the expected life” to move into the deeper and more meaningful rhythms of a life well lived. 

All of this is waiting for you too as we go on the remarkable journey that Sacred Rhythms provides.

Become a Better Steward of the Earth & the Sacred Feminine

Sacred Rhythms is about you, your projects, your relationships, your forward movement and evolution… 

But by connecting in with the seasons and the cycles and the archetypes, another magical result starts to take hold: we become better stewards of the earth, we care more and do more for humanity & the animals, we honor the Sacred Feminine more deeply an bring more collective respect to women everywhere. 

In my book, there are few things more sacred than all of this.

"I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna's support." 

— Christine Dyan Thomson, Christine Dyan International,
“I have so much gratitude for what is genuinely a sacred and deep immersion, and for Joanna’s fearless commitment to holding high standards in this field.”

— Monika Nataraj
“My desire and ability to market are stronger because of the confidence I gained and I’ve very quickly found new clients.

— Sharon Epstein


FREE Access to The Art of Client Transformation

(Value: $297)

Three potent days of expanding your capacity to change the lives of the clients you serve. 

You’ll immerse yourself in the mindset, skills and tools of maximizing client results.

JUNE 2021

** We will ask you for a small RSVP deposit to hold your space for this event. Capacity is limited so that all attendees can get feedback, attention and time for questions. This $37 deposit will be refunded to you on the first day of the live event! 


Business Coaching to Help You Thrive During This Unprecedented Moment in Time 

(Value: priceless)

I totally get that now is a moment where you might need extra business support to help navigate this moment. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to gift you with FIVE weekly 30-minute business Q/A support sessions.

We'll devote an extra 30 minutes at the end of each of our training and embodiment session for you to get your marketing, messaging, selling, organization and inner block questions answered (ask me anything!). I will help you make all the strategic decisions you need to make to help you flourish during this time.

"My private practice is now operating at a whole new level that supports me even more than I knew possible as I now begin to monetize new programs and become even more visible in a much bigger way."

— Michelle Cohen,

"I have a greater capacity to be with myself compassionately; I understand clients more deeply; I feel increasingly grounded; I am more open to awe, joy and hope; I experience greater humility -- and I trust myself so much more. "

—Inbal Sansani,

Sacred Rhythms™

This Journey Includes:

Five 120-minute interactive workshop style training, strategy and embodiment sessions

Opportunity to ask Joanna any questions you have and receive coaching

Highly interactive FB group for extra exercises, interaction and coaching

Incredible community of soul-based, wise leaders to enrich your experience

We begin our Sacred Journey on March 3rd 

Native American communities are among the communities hardest hit by Covid-19. We are proud to donate 10% of proceeds from Sacred Rhythms to the Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Pay in Full

1 payment of $377

Payment Plan

2 payments of $197

"Joanna doesn't waste your time with fluff. She over delivers because she genuinely cares." 

—Loha Raphael, Loha Raphael Life Remix Coaching 
"This is powerful medicine for both myself and my clients." 

—Joni Lane,
"In the last nine months since working with Joanna, I have doubled my business and am on the way to at least tripling it."

—Ashley Burnett, Women's Leadership & Empowerment Coach,

Frequently Asked Questions

When will our sessions take place?

Our sessions begin on March 3rd. All calls are 120 minutes and take place on Wednesdays at 12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern.  Calls are scheduled for March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 25th, and 31st. 

Will the sessions be recorded? 

Yes! Our sessions will be recorded so that if you can’t come live, you will have everything you need to listen & experience at your convenience. I will be available to answer any questions you have that you didn’t ask live.

Is this a business coaching program? 

While this isn’t a business coaching program, the concepts you learn and the energies you embody will support you in making the exact changes your business needs in order to thrive and grow. Additionally, you will have access to me during our Q/A time to help you with specific strategy for your business and life.

What will this program help me to do?

Sacred Rhythms will help you activate more flow, wisdom, energy, motivation and success in your business, your work, your well-being, your relationships, your personal projects & goals, your writing, your education and your home.

I am already a student of the seasons. Will I learn anything new?

In short: yes, yes and more yes!!!! Dawn Copeland & I developed Sacred Rhythms nearly 20 years ago, before anyone in the spiritual or transformational industry was even talking about the cycles and the seasons. The Sacred Rhythms approach is more nuanced, empowering, and application oriented than other teaching about the seasons. It will help you deepen and expand your practice of honoring & harnessing the cycles, and will help you deeply support your client to become aligned as well.

Are there scholarships available?

We gladly offer scholarships to BIPOC and students in need to every program we offer. As a company, we recognize the unbalanced representation for minority communities in the coaching and the transformational industries, and how access to advanced leadership trainings and more diverse and equitable circles can help support better outcomes for all. We want all voices heard, and our scholarships aim to create a more diverse coaching community that can serve an expanding industry. 

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