Unblock Your Hidden
Money & Business Shadow...
& Create More Visibility, Spaciousness & Abundance

A Deep Dive Workshop with Joanna Lindenbaum 

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Is this type of thing happening in your business?

  • You hold yourself back from sending out marketing, doing outreach, and sharing about your work 
  • ​​You read social media, see others filled their programs, and then immediately feel jealous…and then immediately after that feel angry at yourself for feeling jealous
  • Your clients consistently show up late or expect you to stay on sessions longer, and you consistently don’t say anything, and then you end up feeling taken advantage of
  • You worry about taking advantage of others, so you don't allow yourself to market with your full heart
  • ​You are always working, seemingly without ever stopping, and you're exhausted and feeling deeply unsatisfied
  • You avoid promoting yourself on social media even though you have ideas on what you want to share and want to be more visible there
  • ​​You keep your pricing much lower than you want to, worrying that either you can't sell at a higher rate, or that people will get upset

Each of these instances, whether it be hiding, overworking or self-sabotage - it’s not actually related to you being unfocused, uncaring or undisciplined.

And, it’s not your fault.

What all of this may point to is a suppressed Shadow that is keeping you in a pattern of being blocked and stuck, rearing its head and causing havoc for you.

And here's the thing:

You can spend your entire life trying to have more focus, more discipline, more boundaries...but if you don’t identify what your Shadow IS & what it’s about, it’s very difficult to use willpower to make change. 

Your Shadows are the unrealized parts of yourself that you’ve rejected, hated on & ignored. They are superpowers in disguise, but because they are unrealized (& usually vilified), they come out sideways.

Suppressed Shadows stop you in your tracks, leading to projects not getting done, visions not being realized, and general frustration.

But...when you know how to work with Shadow, so much more is possible – for you & for your business.

You get to move away from sabotage patterns and activate the resources inside of you that will help get so much more of what you want done.

I am excited to teach you how to do this!

Understanding and Harnessing Shadow allows you to:

  • Break pattern on the ways you hide, self-sabotage and dis-empower yourself in your business  
  • Access more of your brilliance and superpowers in order to grow your visibility and stand out in your unique way
  • ​​Be more loving, accepting and compassionate with yourself (because we all need more of this!)
  • ​Have more confidence to market yourself and be SEEN
  • Feel empowered to charge rates that are ethical and aligned with the value you give
  • ​Stop comparing yourself to others and start powerfully focusing on your own work
  • ​Open the pathway to more abundance and flow
  • ​Stop over-working & over-giving and create more space for yourself

Unblock Your Hidden
Money & Business Shadow...
& Create More Visibility, Spaciousness & Abundance

Register and receive the recorded 3-hour workshop + somatic exercise resource sheet instantly!

When You identify your Money & Business Shadow and work with it...
You are able to Make Yourself more Visible, & create Flow, Abundance and Spaciousness

Here’s part of what you'll receive & experience:
  • ​You'll do deep inner work to identify one of your main Money & Business Shadows...and then courageously come face to face with it so that it stops running your business.
  • Experience a somatic technique to start working with your Shadow and to open the way for more Visibility, Spaciousness & Abundance. 
  • Learn 3 of the most common Entrepreneurial Shadows (The Doormat, The Manipulator & The Lazy One), and how they show up to sabotage your daily decisions, feelings & actions.
  • Clarify your next, actionable steps (& inner work you can do on your own!) for transforming your Shadows so that you don’t get stuck procrastinating or taking misaligned actions when it comes to your business.
 “From June to July my clientele has doubled! My clients are having big breakthroughs in sessions and turning those into transformations by taking bold actions between sessions. I finally have the confidence that I’ve wanted for so long, not only in my work but my personal life too. I literally feel like a new woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do, for modeling what true transformational coaching looks like and bringing loving compassion to the growing pains of becoming a masterful coach.”

— Mary Ellen Flesher
“Joanna has a unique gift to help you work with your Shadows and insecurities and transform them in actions and growth.”

— Annelise Pesa
“I am coaching much more masterfully. I also feel so much more confident reflecting the truth & calling out resistances and fears. This results in more powerful results & being able to go much deeper with clients in a shorter amount of time.”

— Tanya Dantus


There are no such things as “magic pills” when it comes to transformation. The truth is that we are humans, and are therefore messy and complex. 

What you’ll be learning in the workshop is a powerful tool that will help you move forward in meaningful ways. But as always, change is a process: the more you apply your tools consistently and do your inner work consistently, the more results you will see.

Also: I have been working with my own Shadows for many decades, and it is some of the most sacred, satisfying and powerful personal work that you can do.

It has the power to change so much, and to activate so much more self-love & acceptance. I am thrilled to be able to share the gift of Shadow with you!

Excited for you join me!

Register and receive the recorded 3-hour workshop+ somatic exercise resource sheet instantly!

“Joanna knows what it takes to create powerful shifts in others.”

— Ray Mardia
“My clients now regularly rave about their sessions and send me emails afterwards saying how helpful they were.”

— Monica Shah
“I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna’s support.”

— Christine Thompson

Meet Your Guide

Joanna Lindenbaum

Hi! I'm Joanna Lindenbaum and I teach master level facilitation and coaching skills to coaches, healers, therapists and speakers so they can respond powerfully & effectively to the issues their clients bring to them.
I bring 20+ years of experience and extensive background with human behavior, embodiment practices, and Archetype & Shadow, and my approach to somatic, ethical and trauma-informed facilitation and coaching supports my students to gain a level of skill, confidence and depth the majority of their peers don’t have. Graduates of my signature Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Certification become the best of the best at what they do, plus they experience life-changing personal transformations as they step into this mastery level.  
I have led hundreds of retreats, workshops, and trainings with thousands of participants and clients in the US and abroad.