Sacred Power

Grow Your Business &
Your Client Skills with Integrity

No matter how deeply you value integrity, the truth is that all of us find ourselves in situations where we feel out of integrity (or fear being out of integrity).

We’ve all experienced moments

in this field of personal growth and transformation where integrity seems to be missing from the conversation. 

Wildly unrealistic promises are made. Agreements between practitioner and client lack clarity and accountability. Manipulation is sold as an acceptable and effective form of marketing, and used as an acceptable form of coaching.

Simply put, power is abused. You know that none of those paths are right for you. 

You were called to this work to help people, not hurt them.

To empower them, not disempower them. That’s why when you’re confronted with this incongruence and the turmoil it creates in you, it holds you back on every level of your life and your business.

You start to tell yourself some very damaging stories:

"What if I damage my clients?"

"What if I am too forceful/aggressive in my marketing?"

“What if I’m taking advantage of others?”

"What if I by mistake re-trigger people's wounds?"

"Can I even handle this?"

“Maybe I’m not good enough.” 

“I don’t really deserve to succeed.” 

“Who am I to be that visible?” 

“Can I even handle this?”

You freeze. You second-guess. You hold back. You hide.

That means...

  • You don't market as much as you need to
  • ​You have trouble deciding on rates and sticking to them
  • ​You don't know what to say to a client because you're scared of triggering them

And you just can’t seem to quell that feeling that something’s not quite right. But until you go right to the source of that nagging uncertainty, you’ll never feel the relief you long for.

Because this work matters too much to you.

You love your clients and you hold their trust in you as the sacred gift it truly is. That’s why you can’t seem to let that feeling go.

We all know the dark side of the transformational industry is real. The one that over-promises and under-delivers. The one that blames clients for their lack of results. 

The one that is in a wrong relationship with POWER.

The insidiously patriarchal approach of “HELL YEAH” coaching, that insists on linear progress and healing and the silent agreement that someone other than you may very well know best.

It has tainted our magical industry. But the scales are tipping in our favor.

Integrity is no longer optional.

Those of us that absolutely LOVE coaching (but are concerned by some practices in the industry) are gaining ground like never before.

We are saying NO to “Bro Marketing”.
We are saying NO to manipulative sales practices.
We are saying NO to GURU-ing (when what’s required is real, solid, deep coaching).
We are saying NO to treating clients like numbers or like goals that need to be perfected.
We say NO to leadership that only empowers the leader, not the community

You need to come into right relationship with Power to do all this.

And you need to learn truly effective leadership skills.

What's required is Sacred Power & The Skills of Integrity.

Just because you are a person of integrity doesn’t mean you’ve learned the Skills of Integrity.

The Skills of Integrity require an “Un-learning” of most of what has been modelled for us.

They are the secret power that unites the most powerful transformational practitioners in the industry.

These practitioners aren’t household names or flashy gurus. 

They are simply the ones who consistently change people’s lives with profoundly magnificent results. Their businesses rely mainly on referrals and they have droves of people on long waiting lists clamouring to work with them, no matter what they charge.

On top of that, they sleep easily and peacefully at night knowing that they are undoubtedly doing the work they were put on this earth to do. They have claimed their leadership through congruence and alignment with their highest values, and you can too. 

And when you do, running every aspect of your business & client work gets a whole lot simpler.

When you’re not in integrity there are a million options. When you are in integrity, there is really only ONE.

The truth, YOUR truth.

Imagine being deeply grounded in every decision you make, from offerings to marketing, because ultimately for you there is only one right answer.

Imagine the clarity and power that comes with connecting to and standing in your own highest wisdom and truth.

No more constant second-guessing and uncertainty. No need to ever ask yourself again if you need to compromise your integrity to have the level of success someone else has.

Finally feeling connected to a profound sense of trust in every moment of your work with clients, knowing you are truly doing the work of empowerment. Doing the work you came here to do and feeling completely fulfilled by it in every way, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and financially.

So what do actual Coaching & Business Practices of Integrity LOOK like in your work?

They look like knowing…

  • How to NOT re-trigger client wounds
  • ​What to do when you hear/see practices in the industry that are out of integrity
  • ​How to respond when you feel that you’ve created a breach
  • ​How to take responsibility for the promises you make while maintaining boundaries 
  • ​How to market in a way that empowers all involved
  • ​How to price with integrity and decide on a refund policy
  • ​How to create clear client agreements 
  • ​Exactly what your company values are
  • ​How to NOT steal ideas and intellectual property from others (& what to do if someone steals from you)
  • ​How to honor all clients & community, regardless of race, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, appearance & beyond

When you approach and embody these ways of being in your practice the outcomes for you and your clients are incredible.

  • Your overall anxiety decreases in ways you’ve never imagined possible. 
  • You sleep well at night, knowing you are not abusing your power.
  • ​You no longer shy away from marketing and visibility.
  • ​You are no longer scared of your mission, you are fueled by it.
  • ​You go from being a good coach or practitioner to being an extraordinary & Courageous leader.
  • ​You know that you are living your values (and not just posting about them on Instagram) because they are reflected in every aspect of your work.
  • You don't allow your own Power Wounds to taint your client work, knowing that you can navigate tough moments with full integrity
  •  ​Your uncertainty fades 
  • ​Your clients feel deep and authentic trust in your containers.
  • ​You begin to LOVE sales calls because you are certain the “sleaze-factor” isn’t present; you conduct your sales calls as an empowering opportunity to help another person find their truth. 
  • You stop buying into the big, empty promises of formulaic marketing strategies, and discover your own authentic and aligned way to grow your business (which saves you a ton of money because you stop buying every other funnel building course!)
  • You become a role model - one of the leaders who are helping this industry evolve into one that is respectable, equitable and a true force for good in the world. 

Sacred Power

Grow Your Business & Your Client Skills with Integrity

Over the course of our FIVE LIVE 2-HOUR SESSIONS together, we will explore, uncover, clarify and embody all the ways you will finally be able to step into full Integrity in your practice and watch a whole new world open up for you.

Here is what you can expect from this transformational container:

Session 1

Unpack Your
Power Story

Creating a business and client practice that you feel (& others feel) empowered in, and is integrity-positive, starts with Owning and Unpacking Your Power Story. 

Together, we’ll look at the habits and patterns that have kept you from truly owning your power in a life-giving and in-integrity way. We’ll journey to see where and how you cut yourself off from your TRUE power, how you’ve given it away to others, and take steps to bring you back into right relationship with your own natural energy of Courageous Leadership with Integrity.


  • What the real definition of Power is
  • ​Your Power Wounds and how they have impacted your business and client work...and how to move away from this
  • How to step into your Power in a way that feels right to you
  • ​How to embody Sacred Power so that are confident that your decisions are coming from alignment and not from your power wounds

Session 2

Ensuring we don’t
Disempower Our Clients

Being a person of integrity doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve learned the skills of HOW to be in integrity with clients and in business (that’s because there aren’t enough models & rules of what IS in integrity in the industry). 

Most practitioners use coaching and healing skills that can inadvertently disempower clients, trigger their trauma, and dishonor their experience. In this session, we will look at the powerful & absolutely vital foundational principles you can apply to ANY of your skills and work to ensure that you are creating Empowering and Agency-Giving environments for your clients.


  • What is actually means to give clients and prospects Agency
  • How to not Guru your clients (you may be doing this without realizing it)
  • How to not Retrigger your clients’ old wounds
  • How to be a Trauma-informed Coach or Practitioner (or Marketer!...or Salesperson!)
  • ​How to create guardrails for your privilege so that you don’t Bypass your clients

Session 3

 Dismantling Patriarchal Thinking in Your Client Work

No matter who you are, damaging messages from the Patriarchy have seeped into your thinking...and therefore into the ways you approach your clients (& marketing). This messaging insidiously impacts your clients - sometimes without either of you realizing it - and creates self-judgment, self-dishonoring, and dysregulation. 

In this session, we will tackle some of the most pervasive Patriarchal messages that make their way into traditional coaching and healing tactics, and work towards dismantling them so that you always provide a loving, compassionate, and positively motivating space for your clients.


  • Hidden Patriarchal Messages that Oppress you and your clients & how to Eliminate them
  • ​Breaking the Myth of Perfection & the Fear of Messiness
  • ​What “Honoring What Is” Means and How to Use it in your Client work
  • Empowering vs Disempowering ways to Motivate Clients
  • What to do when you mess up (or when your clients accuses you of it)
  • How to create space for any client personality to be successful

Session 4

Business Success Practices with Integrity, Part 1

The truth is that we could spend at least a full 6 months learning how to be successful in business without hurting, disempowering, manipulating, or dishonoring yourselves or those who come in contact with your marketing and business. 

 The last two sessions are packed with content! Over this session, we will cover some of the most vital Foundational Principles for In-Integrity Marketing Practices.


  • How to integrate your values into your business
  • Setting Rates that are empowering to you and your community
  • ​The 5 Questions you MUST answer to create Offerings with Integrity
  • How not to make Bankrupt Marketing Promises
  • ​The Harm of “Fear Marketing” & what to do instead

Session 5

Business Success Practices with Integrity, Part 2

This session we conclude our conversation.


  • The Five Tools of an Empowering & Honor-Filled Sales Conversation
  • Being Honest in your Sales Process
  • ​Transparency & Authenticity
  • How to Handle Refund Requests with Integrity
  • ​Boundaries that Empower Everyone
  • How to Handle Using Other People’s Ideas - or when other people use yours!

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